Ask Me Elyse: When To Interfere With A Friend's Bad Relationship?

Female finds herself in difficult predicament when a guy friend tells her about relationship issues.

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Dear Elyse,

I have a guy friend who I've always had a crush on and we've hooked up but never officially dated. He's now with a girl. At first, he seemed happy but then when he moved in with her, he's constantly complaining about different aspects of her. Should I encourage him to end the relationship?

Yours, A Rock in a Hard Place


Dear a Rock in a Hard Place,

I would be circumspect about offering your opinion. First, it is difficult to truly make an honest assessment of the relationship as you don't witness the behind the scenes aspects of the relationships. In addition, you don't want to appear as though you are trying to sabotage your friend or be judgmental. However, I would try to help your friend problem solve by being an active listener.

Yours, Elyse