Ask Me Elyse: Wealthy Boyfriend Refuses to Pay for Expensive Trip

Struggling student is dating a wealthy doctor who begs her to come to France with him and then refuses to pay even though he knows she has no money.

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Dear Elyse,

I am a medical student. I'm dating a doctor (big surprise). I'm really struggling with my finances while he is affluent. He planned a French Open trip for us and purchased the tickets. Now, he tells me that he wants me to reimburse him for the tickets. He also stipulates that he will be incredibly dissappointed if I don't accompany him on the trip.

Yours, Broke Medical Student


Dear Broke Medical Student,

I suggest that you tell your doctor boyfriend to pony up and foot the bill for the trip. If he suggested the trip and invited you to come on the trip with him, then he is responsible for the cost of it. If you don't demand that he pay for the excursion, you will be paying for numerous activities and expenses in the course of this relationship. And he'll be laughing at you all the way to the bank.  And who does he think he is to demand you pay and then tell you he will upset if you don't come? Please ...

Yours, Elyse

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