Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road on July 6th? Because It Is National Fried Chicken Day


Whether a wing, a leg, a breast, or with waffles, fried chicken is enjoyed by many people. Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with some crispy fried chicken from a great restaurant.

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Making fried chicken is an art. We all know one person who makes the best homemade fried chicken. However, there is more than one way to fry chicken. There is original, deep fried, southern fried, spring fried, and more! No matter have you make it, everyone enjoys it.

As a celebration for this crispy and finger-licking good food, July 6th has been made National Fried Chicken Day. 

But, not many of us are talented enough to make fried chicken. Whichever way you enjoy fried chicken, you can find your favorite style somewhere on the island.

Check out one of these great fried chicken restaurant this National Fried Chicken Day!

Who do you know makes the best fried chicken? Where do you like to get fried chicken? Tell us in the comments below!