Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas!

Tired of the wedding cake idea? Try something different!

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The wedding cake has always been a focal point of the bride’s big day.  There are so many different way to decorate a cake in either a fun or classy way. But have you ever thought of doing something completely different and cutting out the cake all together? Taking a unique route to the ceremonial cake is a hot new trend that brides are crazy about.

So why toss out the idea of a cake? For one there are a ton of options out there to help you make your cake or dessert ceremony something completely different and personal. These ideas can go anywhere from just turning your giant cake into a bunch of cupcakes or to turning the most important meal of the day into dessert! With a few creative touches you can make sure guests will remember your alternative wedding cake!

 From candy bars to pies to cereal in a martini class, the options for a cake-less wedding are endless. Why not do something a little out of the ordinary to spice up your big day? Check out these creative ideas for an alternate wedding cake!

Cupcake Cake: This different and increasingly popular idea for a wedding cake isn’t all that different then a traditional cake. The only difference is that instead of slicing it up you already have an individual piece for everyone. The great thing about cupcake cakes is that you can have as many different flavors as you’d like! If you still want some cake in your dessert but want to try something a little different this would be a great option for you!

Breakfast Bar: For those looking to take their favorite meal of the day and turn it into their dessert why not have a breakfast bar featuring some of your favorite foods? For this alternative idea you can use Belgian Waffles and crepes and include toppings such as whipped cream, pure maple syrup, and ice cream! This is ideal for those who are having a morning wedding as well. For those cereal lovers out there you can also fill up margarita glasses or martini glasses with your favorite sugary cereals!

Candy Bar: Going along the same lines as a breakfast bar, you can also use all of your favorite candies as an alternate cake idea! Some brides like to do this in conjunction with an actual cake or all on its own. Basically all you have to do is take all your favorite colorful candies and put them out in serving dishes for all your guests to take! They can either eat them for dessert or take them home as a keepsake!