Adding Color to Your Wedding!

Looking to spice up your wedding dress? Check out some of these ideas!

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While white is the traditional color for a wedding, brides have been wanting more and more to add a splash of color to their dress and the rest of their ceremony. Adding color shows how weddings and bridal fashion is a clearly evolving industry and how brides love the new styles. While common wedding etiquette involves picking a neutral color and adding a color that will pop, why not make all the color stand out?

The clear way to add color to your wedding would be through your dress. Bride


s love to add a sash or a bow in a different color that compliments the dresses of the bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party. This color can go along with the season of the wedding or something that is more fun and personal for you.

While the matriarch of the family may not approve of straying away from traditional styles, colorful weddings are definitely all the rage right now. There is no reason to not 

add a bit of fun that your friends will love. Not only does color personalize your wedding it creates a unique style that will separate your wedding from all the others. Check out these id

eas to add color to your wedding!

Sash/Ribbon: The new style that is becoming all the rage is adding a colorful sash

or ribbon to your dress. This can be just your favorite color or something that is much more personal to you such as adding a pink ribbon in remembrance of someone with breast cancer, something that is becoming a tradition. Interweaving colorful ribbons into the dress is also a fun way to splash some color into the traditional white garb.

Jewels: Another way to spice up your wedding dress is to sew on colored jewels. This is a very elegant touch to your dress and will make guests fall in love with the modern twist. Adding the color jewel of either the bridesmaid dress or a complimentary color is an acceptable way to add a splash of fun to your big day! You can put these jewels on either the wedding dress or your hairpiece, even on your shoes. If you’re a bridesmaid you can gift the bride a blue hair clip for something blue!

Flowers: Taking some colorful flowers form your bouquet and fashioning them into either a broche or a hairpiece is a colorful addition that even the most traditional of guests will love. Big roses or lilies in your hair are a lovely compliment to your surrounding decorations and to your dress. Don’t be shy about becoming a floral bride and showing off the beautiful flowers of your arrangement!