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Revitalize Your Day with a Mid-Day Break

What do you do during lunch? Tips to a lunch break that will have you coming back revitalized and ready to conquer more work.

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These days everyone is running a busy schedule, but a mid-day break can make the difference between a happy end to the day and a grumpy end to the day.

What do you typically do at lunch? If you’re one to be sitting at your computer screen working while you wolf down your lunch, it’s time for change. Yes, it may feel like there’s no time to stop, but when you do take a break – even a brief one – you’ll feel much more revitalized and fully charged to conquer the rest of the day.

Lunch Break Tips
If you want to feel revitalized for the rest of the day, take these tips for a lunch break!

  • Enjoy your food.
    To really enjoy your food, you need to stop what you’re doing at work and sit down and eat. This means sitting down at the restaurant, sandwich shop, pizza shop or if you’re one to bring your own lunch, to go to the cafeteria to sit down and eat. Not only will you eat civilly (you’re not wolfing down your lunch in front of the computer screen), but you’ll focus more on the taste and be less likely to overeat. The purpose here is to take a break from what you’ve been doing all morning and what you will be doing for the rest of the day while you re-energize with food.

  • Get some fresh air.
    For many, work may involve sitting in front of the computer screen for hours. Time to get up and stretch your muscles with a brief walk outdoors, even if the weather is cold outside. The breath of fresh air and muscle movement will help reenergize you for the rest of the day. If you’re lucky enough to work near a park, that’s a great place to head for a breath of fresh air and some stretching of the muscles.

  • Treat yourself.
    While going for the brief walk for fresh air, also pick up a treat for yourself. It can be a beverage, a snack you can enjoy later in the day or if you’re lucky enough to be near shopping centers or the mall, something that would be rewarding to you. Even treating yourself to a moment of free time to listen to your favorite music, read the newspaper, nap (but don’t forget to set the alarm) or to make a quick call to speak to a loved one or friend can help boost your energy up.

  • Don’t skip lunch.
    In the rush of things, skipping lunch may seem like the answer to help you save time, but not satisfying hunger and giving your brain a chance to rest is only going to slow you down. Don’t skip a meal, and if you absolutely must, at least have a snack in place of it until you can really eat.

No matter the length of your lunch break, even a short 15 to 20 minutes away from your desk for lunch will have you coming back refreshed, revitalized and ready to concentrate and finish the work ahead for the rest of the day.

Photo by Lotus Head, via Free Images.