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Brett Favre Does Another Reversal by Joining Minnesota They say 40 is the new 20. Brett Favre will find that out real fast but instead of experiencing it hunting and fishing in Mississippi, he will ...

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Brett Favre Does Another Reversal by Joining Minnesota

They say 40 is the new 20. Brett Favre will find that out real fast but instead of experiencing it hunting and fishing in Mississippi, he will test his surgically repaired right arm by lining up over center in Minnesota, known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

It seems to be an annual ritual for the former Packer quarterback. Favre announces his retirement and that he is through and then changes his mind. Last summer, he had everything all lined up in Green Bay with a scheduled jersey number retirement ceremony during the Packers' first home game of the 2008 season. His emotions flowed as Favre held court during his goodbye press conference in Wisconsin and before his tears dried he had decided that he wanted to play again.

Favre wanted to join the Vikings back then but the Packers would not have any part of their legendary gunslinger coming back to haunt them - especially as a member of their division rival.

The deal was made for Favre to go to the Jets and although he put on the image of a good soldier, it was obvious that the Packers had pulled a fast one on their long-time leader. A clause was put in place that the Jets could not trade Favre anywhere near Minnesota, but when the 39-year-old announced his retirement, he became a free agent for all intents and purposes.

The courtship with the Vikings began all over again and it seemed that Favre was finally packing it in when he announced on July 28 that he was not coming back. Current Vikings QBs Tavaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels and John David Booty had to feel a sense of relief even if their egos may have taken a hit while their head coach Brad Childress did everything but send a limo to Favre's house to replace them.

Less than a month later, guess who's coming to dinner?

According to what Favre said during Tuesday's press conference in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, everything changed in the prior 24-hour period. Childress, who had publicly stated that the team was moving forward without Favre, picked up the phone one more time. Whatever magic words he conveyed convinced the old man to give it one more go.

"Everyone I've talked to said if I were to go back, this is a perfect fit," said Favre. "They have a really good football team, a very good running game and I hope from my standpoint, I could offer some experience and leadership."

His almost-head coach, who was hired by the Jets when Favre was still undecided if he was returning or not, speculated if Gang Green unintentionally acted as go-between for the Vikings finally landing the man they wanted all along. "I guess you could look at it different ways," said rex Ryan. "That wasn't our purpose. We have the utmost respect for Brett Favre. I know I do. You know how I talked about him when I first got here."

Ryan added that once the Jets drafted Mark Sanchez, any chance of Favre returning was gone. Both parties appeared to have moved on from their one-year relationship. "Would I try to convince him to come back?" Ryan asked himself. "I don't know. That would be speculation. We were just going to move forward and that is what we did with our team. I'm sure he is happy. He is in Minnesota and we wish him the best there."

Once October 10 rolls around, Favre will turn 40 and will be in full swing with his new club. The Vikings, a playoff team last year without him, are improved for the moment, at least on paper.

But paper and rings are two different things. If Favre has another sub-mediocre season, the future Hall of Famer should have left well enough alone and retired as a Packer