Smart Drink Ideas for the Bride on Her Wedding Day

Check out these tasty drink ideas that are absolutely ideal for your wedding day!

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Once the planning is over it’s time to enjoy your wedding celebration! It is much deserved for the bride to enjoy herself as much as possible once all the photos and organization is finished. When you’re trying to figure out what kind of drinks you’ll be having for your guests, it’s a good idea to choose something for yourself that you’ll enjoy sticking to the entire day. 
Some brides aren’t sure what kinds of drinks to sip on, so we have put together a list of some great ideas that you’ll surely enjoy! Take a look:
No Unwanted Stains
A brides dress is an extremely important part of the wedding, so you don’t want anything to get spilled on it and risk staining it. White is the color most go with so it is best to stick with a drink that is clear in color such as champagne, white wine or a gin and tonic for the liquor drinkers. This way, if you’re dancing or mingling and your drink spills, you won’t have to worry about it making a huge stain that will ruin your dress and be seen in photos! This means stay away from anything dark in color including red wine, sangrias or flavored martinis and margaritas. 
Not Too High in Alcohol Content
You want to remember everything about your big day and be able to participate in all the celebration activities, so picking a drink that isn’t too high in alcohol content is a great idea. This will help you maintain a nice buzz throughout the evening without going overboard. If you’re someone who can’t handle their alcohol too well, this is especially for you! If you don’t have a specific drink in mind, have the bartender make you something delicious with a little less alcohol than normal. This could be done with one of your favorite go-to drinks as well! 
Not Only Tastes Good, But Looks Good Too!
When planning a wedding, a lot of couples want the small details to flow nicely with the large ones. This makes for beautiful photos and creates a nice theme all throughout the party. If you’re the type of person that wants everything to be color-coded and matching, why not carry around a drink that matches your wedding colors? If pink or red are part of your color scheme, carry around some champagne with a strawberry on the rim for a pop of color! 
Non-alcoholic Beverages
A full-proof way to keep the party going all night long is to sip on some non-alcoholic beverages. You can’t go wrong with this idea, you’re still getting the great taste but you’re leaving behind the brain fuzziness that comes with it! 
Have a drink idea that's perfect for the bride? Share with us by commenting below!