Hurricane Sandy Freeport, Ny Nautical Mile 10/31/12

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"HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK NOW IN EFFECT FROM 8 AM EDT THIS MORNING THROUGH THIS EVENING" ...HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK THROUGH THIS EVENING... * LOCATIONS...Atlantic Ocean Beaches of New York City and Long Island. * RIP CURRENT RISK...High * TIMING...From 8 AM EDT this morning through this evening. * SURF ZONE IMPACTS...Very strong rip currents will be dangerous to anyone who enters the surf. Weather  |  LIRR  |  Traffic  |  Traffic Cams |  Weather News  |  School Closings
Dec 29, 2012 01:54 a.m.

Woodcleft ave Freeport, Ny Nautical mile ravaged by tidal surging after hurricane Sandy tore thru and flooded our beloved south Freeport.


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