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Often considered another member of the family, your pet is important to you. And so should its care and health. If your pet is in need of grooming, pet care or just in need of some new toys, plenty of local and chain businesses on Long Island offer the services that fit your needs and wants. When looking into where to purchase your pets' supplies, there are things to take into account, such as type of pet, activity and the time you have for your pet. In serious circumstances, such as an injury or illness, you should visit your local veterinary hospital.

Many pet stores can be an all-in-one stop for you. Whether you need grooming, toys, training books or pet sitters, it won't be uncommon for you to find these all in the same store. This convenience makes it easy if you need to bring your pet along with you for the ride, especially in cases with dogs and cats. Often, these pet stores will service your pets while you shop. If you're a pet owner to animals other than dogs and cats, tanks, food and pet care supplies won't be hard to find either.

When looking for which pet service business is right for you, especially with dogs, make sure you take into consideration that different types of breeds require different care. Talk to your pet sitter or groomer before turning your pet over to them, making sure they know how to handle your pet.

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