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Whether or not Long Island turns into a snowy Winter Wonderland this season, there are still plenty of places in New York where you can enjoy the snow, and even hit the slopes!

New York State is home to countless natural wonders that can be enjoyed throughout the year, and when it comes to great ski spots in the winter, we certainly do not come up short! With so many great mountains to visit this season, it might be hard to decide where to go, which is why checking the snow totals before hitting the slopes is so important - knowing before you go will help you to make the most out of your trip, and ensure that you'll get to enjoy all of your favorite winter sports and outdoor activities to the fullest extent!

If you're thinking about heading upstate for a skiing or snowboarding trip this year, then we've got you covered - below you'll find an up-to-date list of the snow totals for all of NY's best slopes and trails.

Additional Resources

Staying local this winter? Not to worry -there's still plenty of frosty fun happening right here on Long Island! Below are some great resources to get you geared up, and ready for the winter.
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