RECRUITING NOW: Anti-Anxiety/Grit Development Group Therapy Workshop with Long Island Psychology

Group therapy workshop is open to anyone interested in learning tools to manage their anxiety more effectively and achieve their goals.

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(L to R): Dr. Marc Shulman, Dr. Atara Wertentheil.

Photo by: Long Island Psychology

Long Island Psychology has developed an exciting and innovative group therapy workshop, with a focus on teaching participants how to develop better coping skills and psychological “grit.”
This 8-week group therapy workshop is open to anyone interested in learning tools to manage their anxiety more effectively and achieve their goals. This group therapy format is a great way for people to find support and receive interpersonal feedback from others. Convenient and accessible options for participation will be made available. Within this 8-week program, attendees will learn:
  • Coping skills for managing anxiety more effectively.
  • Stress management techniques to improve productivity.
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises for a more peaceful existence.
  • Strategies to improve passion and grit while maximizing success and fulfilment.
Led by Dr. Marc Shulman and Dr. Atara Wertentheil, this group therapy workshop provides an opportunity to address mental health issues in a warm, constructive, and judgment free environment. It is also cost effectiveand comes with the care, support, and encouragement provided by peers at these sessions.
“Our goal is to make anxiety therapy more accessible to those on Long Island,” said Dr. Wertentheil. “We want to open up this workshop not just for men and women experiencing trouble calming their minds or achieving their goals, but also to local establishments and Long Island businesses that are looking to help their members or employees improve motivation, mood, productivity, and understanding of the mind-body connection.” 
We are currently accepting participants and will begin the workshop on December 2nd, 2019. Adults of all ages are invited to join, and it is our hope to ensure that we meet the needs of our intended participants. 
“Group therapy is a great way to begin prioritizing your mental health,” says Dr. Marc Shulman. “With this low-cost, in-depth, interactive program, we encourage anyone seeking more fulfillment and control over their livesto consider joining.”
Long Island Psychology is a team of psychologists that offer comprehensive individual, group, and couples therapy programs for anxiety, depressions, addiction, relationships, and more. To join an upcoming workshop, find out more about integrating their programs into a corporate wellness program, or to learn about the psychologists, visit or call 516.274.7876.