Little Flower Children and Family Services Recognized as Frontline Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to our service providers,” said Legislator Anker.

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Suffolk County Legislators Sarah Anker and Al Krupski present a proclamation to Little Flower Children and Family Services’ Corrine Hammons, Erik Ulrich, Michelle Segretto, Harold Dean, Lauren Mones, Steven Valentine, and Barbara Kullen for their service to the community.

Photo by: Office of Legislator Anker

Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker and Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski presented a proclamation to Little Flower Children and Family Services and certificates of appreciation to each of the facility’s almost 300 staff members to thank them for working on the frontlines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the children and families in the community were able to access much needed services. 
Legislator Anker and Legislator Krupski joined Corinne Hammons, President and CEO of Little Flower Children and Family Services; Erik M. Ulrich, LCSW-R, ACSW, Clinical Director, Medical and Mental Health Department; Michelle Segretto, Vice President of Residential Services; Lauren Mones, MSW, Interim Chief of Staff and Administrative Director Health Care Management and Services; Taressa Harry, Director of Communications; Steven Valentine, Maintenance Supervisor; Harold Dean, Superintendent of the Little Flower Union Free School District; and Barbara Kullen, Board of Directors Member outside at the Wading River Duck Pond for the presentation.
“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to our service providers, forcing them to adapt and find innovative ways to continue to service those in need,” said Legislator Anker. “Legislator Krupski and I would like to thank all the amazing staff at Little Flower that worked directly on the frontlines each day to provide our children and families with much needed support, at a time that they likely needed it the most.”
“The work that Little Flower does on a day to day, year to year basis is very important,” said Legislator Krupski. “Trying to function in the face of a global pandemic must have been very challenging. Thank you to Little Flower for their hard work, decision making and commitment to their goals. They have set a great example of courage and determination.”
"I am genuinely grateful to Legislator Anker and Legislator Krupski for taking the time to acknowledge and support Little Flower’s remarkable frontline workers and for recognizing the tough and heroic work they do every day in support of those we serve,” said President and CEO of Little Flower Children and Family Services Corinne Hammons. “They have demonstrated great dedication and commitment to our clients by showing up every day, leaving the safety of their homes, balancing the risk of the pandemic to provide care, comfort, and security. We are thankful and proud of our essential workers. They are the backbone of our organization and the heart of our mission, never missing a beat as they transform caring into action."
“When COVID-19 began to receive massive local and national attention, our residents unavoidably began feeling the impact in their daily routines,” said Clinical Director of the Medical and Mental Health Department Erik M. Ulrich, LCSW-R, ACSW. “Little Flower was able to absorb the impact of the pandemic for our residents. Despite the turmoil happening around them, our youth experienced the pandemic with the extra care, attention, and understanding needed to help them continue to thrive and grow.”
“I’d like to thank Legislator Krupski and Legislator Anker for recognizing the hard work of our staff,” said Vice President of Residential Services Michelle Segretto. “We had to pivot at light speed to figure out how we can keep our children and manage the virus. It was absolutely incredible to see how fast we transitioned from an in-person hands-on environment to a lot of telehealth but, the most important recognition is for the people who came in person every day. Everyone had their own anxieties, their own personal fears and issues all related to COVID and they drove down our driveway every day to help our children.”
Since its establishment in 1929, Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York has provided a wide variety of services including foster care, residential treatment care, adoption services, programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities, and medical and mental health services to the children and their families of New York City and Long Island. Each year, Little Flower helps thousands of children find and adjust to new beginnings that will leave a lasting impact on their lives. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Little Flower’s doors remained open, and there was little to no disruption of care to the children and families that utilize their many services. For more information about Little Flower Children and Family Services of New York please visit: