A New Ride for Eli, Thanks to Local Business Owner


Thanks to local business owner, Eli Mollineaux and his family now have a reliable minivan.

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Eli and his family along with Mike Brown, co-owner of Atlantic Auto Group, Kevin Thorbourne and Kevin Zaharios co-founders of Young Leaders, Councilwoman Tracey Edwards, and Leg. Spencer.

Huntington, NY - September 30, 2016 - Many Huntington residents know and love Eli Mollineaux, a courageous young man who has lived with Pearson's Syndrome, a rare mitochondrial disorder. At 15, Eli’s spirit, in the face of adversity, continues to be an instant inspiration to all who meet him.

The Mollineaux family van is crucial to for Eli to join his family on errands, like shopping or running up to the post office; outings that Eli has always looked forward to.

Pictured: The brand new handicap accessible minivan donated to the Mollineaux family by Atlantic Auto Group.

After learning about the problems the Mollineaux’s were having with their 13 year old minivan, as it had broken down on more than one occasion, Huntington High School graduate and businessman, Mike Brown surprised Eli with a brand new minivan, equipped with a wheelchair lift!

Kudos to Mike Brown, co-owner of Atlantic Auto Group, for his remarkable generosity. When asked what made him decide to do this, he eloquently said, "For someone who is always inspiring others around him, it was the least we could do."