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End the Summer Right with a Barn Styled Wedding!

Plan the perfect barn styled wedding to make it a summer you'll never forget!

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What’s a better way to end the summer than to marry your partner at a beautiful barn styled wedding? The weather is just right and holding a celebration outdoors is a great idea for friends and family to enjoy the last warm days of summer. 
Some couples may think the barn style is not for them, but read these great suggestions and you will soon think differently! It’s a casual feel and allows everyone to kick back and let their hair down. So check out these ideas on how to plan the perfect barn themed wedding:
A barn themed wedding needs one very important thing, a barn! If you live somewhere close to open land with lots of barns then you shouldn’t have a problem finding a great venue. Some may have to travel a bit to find their perfect location but once your wedding is over you will know that it was well worth the travel time to have exactly what you wanted! During your planning, you will have to decide if you want to have the ceremony in the barn or just the celebration, or both! Once you know this, you are ready to start planning the finer details of the evening.
One of the great things about getting married in a barn is that the ceilings are so high, which leaves you with a large amount of room for decorating it the way you desire. Couples might walk into a barn and wonder how they’re going to light the entire place. It’s simple! Hang some loose drapery from the ceiling of the barn and string rope lighting inside of it to create a soft, romantic mood. You can even hang lots of rope lighting without any drapery, which would look amazing as well! Make the event a bit more elegant by adding a couple of chandeliers from the beams. (Be sure they are secured properly!) Lighting can even be added to each of the tables if you’d like, by including it as part of your centerpieces for an extra hint of light for your guests. 
The first thing to decide when it comes to your centerpieces is whether you would like a floral arrangement, something a bit more unique, or a mix of both! At the center of each table, place a log container filled with beautiful flowers that match your wedding colors. You can even write the table numbers on them and surround it with some candles. Another centerpiece suggestion is mason jars! You can never go wrong by using mason jars, you can decorate them however you desire and can put any items you’d like inside. Wrap some lace around the jars and fill with flowers, or place a small candle inside so it lights up the lace beautifully. Get a bit more rustic by using a burlap runner on each table, complete with a tin bucket and blooming flowers coming out of it.
As your family and friends enter, set up classy drapes at the door of the barn that they can walk through. This gives off a more elegant touch to a casual kind of evening. For your ceremony, set up wooden benches with a floral arrangement placed perfectly at the end of each. You can match these with your centerpieces if you’d like so everything comes together nicely. The wooden benches are a perfect addition to a barn wedding, creating a rustic feel before the party even starts! Use wine barrels to create a stand for your tables, rather than just using regular folding tables. On the tables, place burlap runners to really perfect the look!
Say "thank you" to your guests for attending your big day by sending them home with a little something! Personalize a jar of honey with your wedding date and last name. These honey jars can be decorated in rustic wrapping, such as a small lace and burlap bag with your personalized ribbon attached. If you'd like to give out something a bit more useful, purchase some wooden coasters! Send each guest home with a couple of coasters bundled nicely into a burlap bag or a small mason jar. Personalize the coasters with your names and wedding date so your guests will always remember your fun evening!
Have an idea for a barn styled wedding? Share with us by commenting below!