Long Island Hosts International School Climate Summit


How will this school year be better? How will schools move “beyond the tests” to insure that students, staff, and parents have a more positive and successful year?

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US school with Hong Kong hosts on IAIE Exchange trip to Hong Kong.

Islandia, NY - September 8, 2015 - How will this school year be better?  How will schools move  “beyond the tests” to insure that students, staff, and parents have a more positive and successful year?  Implementation of new testing procedures, curriculum and teacher evaluation systems has met with concern nationally.  A call for balance and attention to student and staff motivation, choice, and self-regard warrants a more optimistic approach, to insure that all students and staff will realize their full potential.

The International Alliance for Invitational Education will host its 33rd Annual World Conference:  Beyond the Test:  Inviting School Success, at the Islandia Marriott Hotel on Long Island, from October 21-24, 2015.  School climate experts and educators from around the world will share their successful strategies for creating the optimal environment for teaching and learning.  Singer and songwriter Peter Yarrow, an inspiring advocate for positive school climate initiatives will kick off the conference opening celebration on October 21st at 5 PM.

Conference participants include visiting delegates from China, Australia, Mexico, Malta, Canada, and school leaders from 44 Award-winning schools in the US and Hong Kong. Invitational Education is now a key initiative in over 120 schools in HK and Mainland China, where the pressure to excel on national exams has been in place for centuries.

The conference highlights Invitational Education, a self-concept approach to improving schools, that helps explain how the people and experiences in our lives continually message us that we are able, valuable, and responsible, or that we are not.   Every message we receive influences what we believe to be true about ourselves, and creates a positive or negative self-concept.   Our self-concept then influences the behaviors that we choose.

In just three years, Joe Stanley Smith Elementary in Carlsbad, New Mexico – a high-poverty, failing school with poor attendance and 5 principals in 7 years – implemented inviting practices and moved from a school grade of “D” to a “B” (highest grade given), the number of students making 85% or better on Accelerated Reader Tests went up from 41% to 90%, and the school won 14 State and International Awards.  Behavior, morale, and attendance are no longer a problem at JSS.

Invitational Education helps schools to become more intentionally optimistic, respectful, trust worthy and caring in the messages we send to all stakeholders.  This in turn helps people to see themselves as able, valuable, and responsible, and motivates them to take charge of their learning and choose beneficial actions.  Inviting schools enjoy increased academic success, attendance, effort, collaboration, positive behaviors, and morale.

The international conference delegates will enjoy a visit to four Long Island Schools on October 19th and 20th.  Commack High School, Eastport South Manor Schools, Rocky Point Middle School and the Little Flower School District are eligible to receive the Inviting School Award in 2016, and will be sharing their positive climate initiatives with the visiting educators.

Conference sponsors include Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Touro University California College of Education and Health Sciences, and Touro College Graduate School of Education in New York.

This year can be different.  Learn more about the IAIE Conference, Inviting School Awards, and Exchange Programs here.  Registration is available through this website.  NY schools may also register through My Learning Plan.



  • Positive and mutually appreciative relationship between a teacher

  • Boys reading from an award-winning Inviting School in Jessamine County, KY

  • US school with Hong Kong hosts on IAIE Exchange trip to Hong Kong.