Exploring Non-Surgical Options To Combat Hair Loss With MAXIM Hair Restoration


One of the things that can affect one's self confidence the most is hair loss. Thankfully, there are many different treatment options available to someone who is dealing with this issue.

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Photo by: alexkrasovsky

Great Neck, NY - August 13, 2018 - Nowadays, people feel more scrutinized about their appearance than ever before. While ideally, we should all be judged on our character and not solely on how we look, people are nonetheless growing increasingly self-conscious and doing whatever they can to look their very best in an effort to impress their peers, superiors, friends and acquaintances.
Alas, one of the things that can affect one's self confidence the most – in both men and women – is hair loss. Thankfully, there are many different treatment options available to someone who is dealing with this issue, and when it comes to once again reclaiming the hair that was once yours, there are few places more qualified to help you to do so than MAXIM Hair Restoration in Great Neck and Hauppauge, Long Island.
Mac Fadra, Managing Director at MAXIM Hair Restoration, has been in the cosmetic and elective health care field for almost 20 years. He holds two Master's degrees from Columbia University and has worked as an executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and manager in various capacities in the industry for both large organizations and individual cosmetic surgery, hair restoration and medical aesthetic practices. So given his very impressive pedigree, it's safe to say that when you go in to see MAXIM Hair Restoration for a consultation, you're going to receive the best possible advice for your particular problem.

MAXIM Hair Restoration has offices in 
Great NeckHauppauge and New York City. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle
“Why would someone choose MAXIM Hair Restoration?  In most cases in the industry, the doctors are not surgeons, but at MAXIM our doctors are general or plastic surgeons who have surgical experience so they're able to do larger cases, also known as MEGA Sessions,” Fadra said. “Secondly, our prices are affordable; we offer zero percent financing, and hair restoration is all we do, and we do it very well. We also offer surgical and non-surgical solutions, including stem cell therapy for hair loss.”
MAXIM also offers a personal touch, Fadra said, and generally focuses on one client at a time so that their entire team is dedicated to both the procedure and the client. In addition, MAXIM's Chief surgeon, Dr. David Mayer, is a Columbia, Cornell and Memorial-Sloan-trained doctor with years of cosmetic and surgical experience, ensuring that each and every client is in the best possible hands while under his care.
MAXIM Hair Restoration offers a variety of options for people suffering from hair loss; some of those options involve surgical hair transplants as well as non-surgical hair restoration solutions, Fadra said.
“Our bread and butter at Maxim is hair transplantation, which is a procedure that takes hair from the back and sides of the head and transplants it to the thinning and balding areas. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia by a doctor while the patient takes a nap, watches TV, or chats with our staff,” he said. “It's a proven procedure, and there are two types...one is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which involves removing a section of tissue from the back of the head, dissecting it, and grafting it in the thinning and balding areasThe survival rate of the grafts is very high. This procedure, however, can leave a linear scar in the back of your head, which is concealed by your hair. The other procedure, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), does not create a linear scar, and involves taking one graft at a time and transplanting it, which doesn't cover as large an area as an FUT hair transplant procedure. Each procedure has their advantages and disadvantages, as well as price differences.”

MAXIM Hair Restoration offers state-of-the-art treatment options for combating hair loss. Photo Credit: Chris Boyle
Essentially, Fadra noted that the FUT was more effective for people who have more “ground to cover,” so to speak.
"FUE is suitable for people who do not need extensive coverage and do not want a linear scar on the back of their head," he added
However, MAXIM also offers a plethora of non-surgical treatment options as well, many of which are at the absolute cutting edge of hair restoration technology and can produce some very impressive results. The first one Fadra discussed is known as PRP – which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma – a procedure that involves using the patient's very own blood to stimulate hair growth. 
“We take about 10 to 15 cc's of a patient's blood and we extract plasma, and we inject that into the scalp...it basically helps hair transplant patients with better healing, re-growth, and the quality of the graft,” Dr. Mayer stated. “PRP is a good adjunct to a hair transplant. You can also do PRP independently of doing a hair transplant, which sometimes can be effective as well. It can strengthen hair follicles and sometimes re-grow hair, and sometimes it can also hopefully improve the texture and the quality of your hair and strengthen the scalp.” 
The next non-surgical procedure that Fadra went over was scalp micropigmentation, which uses an advanced medical grade pigment to provide the appearance of hair. 
“This takes three or four sessions, and is ideal for patients who like to have a ‘shaved head’ look, and fill their thinning or balding areas with the appearance of hair,” he said. “We also use it for scar revision, whether the scars are from a transplant, an accident, or something else. That procedure is performed by a technician under clinical supervision, and it works very well.”

MAXIM Hair Restoration offers complimentary consultations...schedule one today! Photo Credit: Chris Boyle

Scalp microneedling is another highly effective non-surgical procedure that MAXIM Hair Restoration now offers, Fadra said.
“Scalp microneedling involves making small incisions on the scalp, after which we then perform a treatment...we typically combine scalp microneedling with PRP, and that gives the patient a fairly good result,” he said. “This procedure does grow hair, and it's also a good in conjunction with a hair transplant, either before or after. It's a fairly new procedure, and we are seeing good results with it.” 
In the final procedure MAXIM offers – and the most cutting-edge, as well – involves stem cell therapy, which involves using the patient's own cells or cord blood cells to stimulate hair growth on the scalp, Dr. Mayer said. 
“We use the patient's own body fat and harvest stem cells from it. We get very good results from this, especially when used in tandem with other procedures like PRP or hair transplants,” he said. “Stem cells can either be harvested from the patient's own body fat, or cord blood cells can be purchased from a pharmaceutical company. But either way, it's a fairly effective treatment.” 
No two individuals are the same, and that's especially true when it comes to hair loss. There are a vast number of ways that people experience this issue, so MAXIM Hair Restoration approaches each and every case that they treat as a completely unique challenge to overcome. This ensures the best possible outcome, Fadra said, which ultimately results in a patient who is far more confident and satisfied in their appearance. 
“If someone needs extensive coverage, and they have male pattern baldness, and there's enough donor area, we recommend a hair transplant...that's roughly 70 to 80 percent of our clientele. 20 to 30 percent of our clientele have other challenges, such as some other type of hair disorder,” he said. “So it really depends on the person's hair loss condition, and it also greatly depends upon their goals and needs and what's available in their body to use for the treatment. And budget figures into it as well, and we will always try to see what we can do for a patient within the confines of their budget.”
The first step in all of this is typically a complimentary consultation at MAXIM Hair Restoration offices in Great Neck, Hauppauge or New York City. 
To find out more, please visit www.maximhairrestoration.com and www.maximscalpmicropigmentation.com.