Several Nassau County Beaches Remain Closed to Bathing after Storm Water Runoff

Heavy rainfall amounts from earlier this week has left several Nassau County beaches closed for precautionary measures. Check here for the latest of what remains closed.

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The Nassau County Department of Health announced today that 10 county beaches continue to remain closed to bathing. This follows after an announcement yesterday that 19 of its beaches would be closed as a precautionary measure after heavy rainfall amounts.

Storm water runoff impacts the quality of water, creating elevated bacteria levels. Water may be contaminated with bacteria such as enterococci, which can cause gastrointestinal illness.

Nassau County North Shore beaches that continue to remain closed to bathing include:

  • Centre Island Sound
  • Creek Club
  • Lattingtown Beach
  • Laurel Hollow Beach
  • Piping Rock Beach Club
  • Prybil Beach
  • Ransom Beach
  • Roosevelt Beach
  • Soundside Beach
  • Stehli Beach

The five South Shore beaches closed to bathing yesterday have reopened.

Updates on beach closing and openings are recorded and available by calling (516) 227-9700.

[Source: Nassau County Department of Health]