Long Island Facing Power Outages as Temperatures Continue to Climb


Locals try to beat the heat by turning up their air conditioners but face potential power outages due to the heat.

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This week’s heat wave proved to be more than just scores of high temperatures but a cause of power outages across Long Island. As the temperature rises, Long Islanders are turning up their air conditioners.

With the heat wave and heat warnings still in effect, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), has been monitoring consumers’ electric usage. With extra crews at hand, LIPA are on the clock assisting to power outages. Random outages can occur at any time, and so far, some have been reported as far east as Montauk and as far as to western Long Island near Lawrence and other cities such as Port Washington, Garden City, and Oceanside, to name a few. The number of outages continues to increase in various towns.

According to LIPA, at 4:19 pm today, there have been 100 outages with 3,850 people affected. The number of outages continues to increase as locals continue to utilize air conditioners and other power-draining appliances to beat the heat.

LIPA has recommended that Long Islanders try to conserve energy as much as possible to prevent potential power losses and that will also help control energy costs. Some options include closing blinds and curtains to limit amount of sunlight entering the home, turn off any non-essential appliances and electronics, and setting the thermostat to 78 degrees.

The heat is not the direct cause of power loss - rather, the demand for electricity to power air conditioning systems is putting a strain on electrical equipment and the power grid.

“The weather has been so hot  for such a prolonged time that our electrical lines shorted out underground and caused outages on our street. The contractors from LIPA worked around the clock to get it fixed and even ran temporary power lines to a couple of houses so they could run their AC,” said Lynn P. from East Setauket.

As more and more people are left in the heat, Long Islanders are beginning to feel frustrated.

Not only is the high heat having an effect but also the air quality. Air Quality Advisories have been in effect all week advising people to avoid strenuous outdoor activities. Poor quality can cause shortness of breath, chest pain or coughing.

Heat Safety

With these relentless high temperatures, it’s important to remember to keep you and your family safe from the heat. Here are some tips that may benefit your family, friends, and yourself and survive this blast of heat:

  • Keep hydrated
  • Limit use of household appliances
  • Make sure elders, young children, and pets have limited exposure outside
  • Do not leave children and pets in hot cars.

Remember to keep cool: Cooling Centers with air conditioning and cold water have been set up in both Nassau & Suffolk Counties, in an effort to keep residents cooled off, and safe during this heat wave.

Be sure to check LongIsland.com’s Weather Center for updates on the weather and advisories.

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