Get Your Hot Dogs Here! Check Out This Week's Adorable Adoptables!!

It’s the week of the Dachshunds at Last Hope Animal Rescue! Head on down and fall in love with Brownie, Wizard and Flamingo!

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Brownie the Dachshund

LI's Adorable Adoptables is a weekly column by Allison Matos, a lifelong Long Island resident who has been advocating animal adoption since 2012. Allison's weekly posts highlight local animals in need of adoption, and cover general animal welfare topics as well.

First up is the very handsome and happy-go-lucky boy known as Brownie. Brownie comes from a family with kids and another dog but unfortunately his owner is unable to afford Brownie any longer.  Brownie is a 9yr old purebred Dachshund... with a grade 4 out of 6 heart murmur... but that sure doesn’t stop him- Brownie is ready to find his new forever home today! For more information about adopting Brownie, visit or call Last Hope Animal Rescue today! 

Next up, meet the “Wizard of Wantagh”! Wizard is an adorable Dachshund mix who stands as tall as a Standard Doxie but is twice as long. His rather comical appearance give the Last Hope volunteers quite the chuckle, and added with his oh-so-sweet personality, Wizard is the dog for you! For more information, visit Wizard’s webpage.

Wondering who the adorably gorgeous 5+ year old Dachshund mix pictured above is? Why that’s Flamingo! Flamingo arrived at Last Hope Animal Rescue already named, but for some reason the silly name does fit her. Flamingo is so sweet and would really make the pet for someone as sweet as her. For more information, check out her webpage.

Thank you for reading and please remember to always adopt- never shop…pass it on!