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Naked Man Flashes Stony Brook Teen

Indecent exposure and flashing have been in the news a bit recently.

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In what is perhaps the strangest bit of crime Long Island has seen in a while, 69-year old Gerard Brennan flashed himself to a teenager. Apparently, Brennan stood naked in the front window of his home as a young neighbor passed by. Whether or not the 69-year old was legitimately trying to flash the youngster is unknown, however; Brennan has been arrested and is being charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a minor.

The incident took place on Sussex Lane in Stony Brook, around six in the morning, while the teen was heading off to school. Long Island has pretty strict laws regarding indecent exposure, especially pertaining to those incidents involving a minor. This past summer, a variety of individuals were picked up for indecent exposure, which is, by definition, the display of private body parts deemed illegal for view in public.

The “hot dog hooker” for example, made some waves this past summer, selling hot dogs out of a converted RV while also turning tricks on the side. She was later rousted and shut down for peddling without a permit. About a month later, on Ocean Avenue, a gentleman looking to help a lost woman turned out to be a flasher, which resulted in a fairly extensive manhunt of the area after he went on the run from authorities.