Authors, Writers and Publishing Industry Insiders Launch Long Island Authors and Writers Society at Meet and Greet Event

An array of skilled wordsmiths and those new to writing attended an outstanding event to begin the LIAWS calendar and welcome new members.

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Melville, NY - March 20, 2013 - An array of authors, writers, journalists, poets and publishing industry insiders met at the Melville Marriott this evening to launch the LIAWS (Long Island Authors and Writers Society), a new organization dedicated to enhancing and promoting the works of writers and authors on Long Island. Among the more than seventy-five people who attended were bestselling and award winning authors.

LIAWS provides professionals and amateurs the opportunity to network, collaborate, or simply to navigate the ins and outs of a complex industry. Whether you're a budding writer seeking your next step or an established author looking for like-minded professionals, LIAWS promises to be a good fit. LIAWS membership is open to all published and unpublished writers and authors from all genres. 

"It was exciting to meet so many fellow authors and aspiring authors. I am thrilled that this group was formed to support authors and to help people who are following their dreams of being an author one day," said LIAWS treasurer Dr. Loraine Alderman.

For more information on the Long Island Authors and Writers Society or to download a membership application visit their website,

"This evening's event was an outstanding success," said LIAWS president, Tom Gahan. "It speaks loudly to the need to support the craft of writing. These are exciting times for authors and writers on Long Island. It is interesting to watch the explosive growth of the Long Island Authors and Writers Society."

The Long Island Authors and Writers Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to support and promote the craft of writing through supporting one another, mentoring its members, educational programs, in-school programs, book events and events related to writing, and community outreach to residents of Long Island interested in writing. LIAWS nurtures writers and authors at all levels of development in a mutually beneficial environment. LIAWS: provides a trusting atmosphere where authors and writers can come together to meet their individual needs and share information for the good of the whole, supplies strong motivational programs of interest to all writers, offers the opportunity for members to network on different levels according to their needs, provides an environment that promotes authors, and encourages writers to strive to publish their work. All members pledge to support one another and to be involved in supporting the activities of the organization.

For more about the Long Island Authors and Writers Society please visit