Digital signature - A secured way to do e- transactions and lay a positive influence on society

This press release is intended to inform the readers about the development in technology that has brought the era of digital signatures in today's world.

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Shifting the transactions from paper-based work to paperless work sounds like a big deal and but is an easy to handle task. However, the amount of vigilance and extra care that is required for carrying out an e-transaction in a genuine and a secured way is a bigger challenge. To retort this challenge, development in technology brought to us in the form of digital and electronic signatures has made the transaction process safer, quicker and simpler. Digital signature can be attained from VeriSign. It involves encryption to send and receive any document. When someone applies for a digital signature he receives tow keys. One is a public key and another is private key. There are numerous encryption techniques that assure a certain level of security. They serve as a legal proof for any sort of agreement so that there are no issues in the future. Electronic commerce especially requires digital signature for easy flow of transactions.

From the past few years, there has been a vast increase in the number of people shifting to online mediums for transactions and exchange of any sort of information. Needless to say, in the times to come that's offering a virtual world, physical presence would be totally replaced by online presence because of the obvious reasons that it would authorize to carry out any information or transaction in the fastest and easiest way as yet. Same is the benefit that one gets from electronic signature that not only saves a lot of time by eliminating the need of mailing, scanning and faxing but provides safest transactions as well. In the lure of doing transactions quickly and easily, the signing party should consider reading the information and understanding the terms of any such agreement very carefully to avoid any type of future disagreements. Electronic signature is added to a document which is loaded on internet which could be a PDF file or an email.

It is quite evident that development in technology generates profits for the business, consequently making it grow faster. But, apart from these numerous benefits that has increased the efficiency of organizations, some companies have sincerely taken it as a task that along with the help of these new technology tools that carry out the companies functions properly, they will also serve the society as a whole. Transactions on internet has reached out to a very large number of people where they can connect with the companies and make donations, sign contracts, pledges , petitions through electronic signatures and add to the social causes. Electronic signature has replaced the traditional methods of handwritten signatures, thus saving huge amount of paper for the benefit of society and environment. Improved technology improves standard of living also, and it not only means more profits to the business but also better life for people.