Legislator Calarco Expands Animal Protection Law


Establishes a Voluntary Rating System for Groomers.

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Hauppauge, NY - March 4, 2014 - On March 4, 2014 the Suffolk County Legislature unanimously passed (18-0) Legislator Calarco’s bill to expand animal protection. The legislation, originally passed in 2011, established a voluntary ratings board for pet stores in Suffolk County. Legislator Calarco’s amendments changes the name of the program to the “Animal Protection Program” so that it covers other domestic pets and now includes groomers as eligible to receive ratings. 
“I received a call from a constituent whose dogs were badly injured due to an unscrupulous groomer. You don’t need a license to groom a pet nor do you need any training. By allowing groomers to go before this voluntary ratings board Suffolk County might be able to provide a little more oversight and give pet owners peace of mind,” stated Legislator Calarco. 
Specifically, Resolution IR 1040-2014 provides for voluntary ratings of pet groomers by the Animal Protection Board. The Board is comprised of animal rights advocates, veterinarians and people involved in the pet industry. 
“I cannot thank Legislator Calarco enough for his efforts on this pet grooming bill,” stated Medford resident, Laura Hughes. Ms. Hughes first brought this issue to Legislator Calarco’s attention after her dogs were injured by a groomer. “Consumers will no longer be in the dark when it comes to choosing a groomer and this gives us an extra level of comfort when choosing groomers for these special members of our family,” she continued.
“Our goal is to provide consumers with information so when they chose a groomer, they will know if they act in a humane and proper manner,” Legislator Calarco stated.