Dean Murray Announces Candidacy for NY State Assembly

Murray will be running for the 3rd District.

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East Patchogue, NY - February 19, 2014 - Today, I am proud and excited to announce my candidacy for the New York State Assembly.
Over the past few months I have had quite a few people urge me to consider running to return to Albany, whether it be in the Senate or Assembly. I’m proud to say that after seriously considering both, I have decided to follow my heart and run for the seat that I previously held in the NYS Assembly’s 3rd
I believe it’s vitally important that the person who represents the people of the 3rd district in Albany be willing to be just that, a representative of the people of the 3rd district. The main duty of any elected official is to be the mouthpiece for the people that he or she represents. Elected officials need to meet with, talk to and listen to the people that they serve so they can truly and accurately “represent” them in Albany. Ed Hennessey has failed in this most basic task.
Last year, the Democrat led Assembly languished in scandal after scandal. Last year’s session looked like a bad episode of Law & Order. Wire taps, bribery, misconduct, rampant sexual harassment and even the Assembly Speaker caught using over $100-thousand of taxpayer money to try and buy the silence of the young ladies that were sexually harassed. Through all of this, Ed Hennessey was silent. However, his actions spoke volumes. Even after the details of all of those scandals emerged, Ed Hennessey still voted to keep Sheldon Silver as the Speaker of the Assembly. He failed at the most basic purpose of his job, which was to deliver to Albany, the message of the good people of the 3rd should not be tolerated. That message was that they need to clean up their act and get to work on the important issues that are affecting all of us. I pledge to all of the people of the 3rd district that I will always do my job and properly represent you in our State’s Capitol. 
I’m proud to have the support and backing of Chairpersons on every level of the Republican Party.
NY State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox: “Dean Murray’s Special Election victory in 2010 helped set the stage for an historic Republican year, both in New York and nationally. In his time in the Assembly, Dean was a reliable voice for lower taxes, less regulation, limited government and local control. 2014 is going to be a great year for New York Republicans and I'm thrilled that Dean Murray is going to be a part of it.”
NYS Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb: "The State Assembly needs more representatives like Dean Murray, whose experience and commitment to hard-working families will be critical to the future of Long Island. Progressive politics have put New York State on the wrong path. We own the nation's highest property taxes, an under-funded education system in need of dramatic reform, and a business climate that drives jobs out of New York. Dean Murray will deliver the kind of people-first representation necessary to turn things around and get New York moving in the right direction."
Brookhaven Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia: "In just a short time, Dean Murray has earned the reputation as a tireless worker and advocate for the taxpayers of Brookhaven Town. When Dean met with me earlier to discuss his desire to once again defend and protect the taxpayers and families of the 3rd District in the State Assembly, I was not surprised because Dean has always been about people first and always," said Garcia. "Dean has a long and distinguished record of accomplishments as a Member of the State Assembly - from repealing the MTA Tax to repealing the fees on salt water fishing and delivering more state aid for our school districts - and I am confidant and proud that he will once again represent the people of the Third District in the State Assembly."
In addition, I am very proud to have the support of Suffolk County Republican Chairman John Jay LaValle and Suffolk County Conservative Chairman, Ed Walsh, who has pledged his full support in this race.