Eat at The Living Room Makes Music Central to Dining Experience

Bethpage nightclub now includes a dining area with house and lounge music playing weekends during dinner.

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Photo: EAT at The Living Room Facebook page.

Eat at The Living Room opened this year to combine a gourmet gastropub experience with a nightclub atmosphere, according to its owners. Opened everyday except Monday, music is very much central to the dining experience.


During the week (Sunday and Mon-Wed), diners get treated to low key background music of all types but requests can be made by patrons through an iPad system. Starting Thursdays, things will heat up with plans to bring in a DJ to spin House and Lounge music from 6-10pm. On Fridays and Saturday, after that the dinner service ends, The Living Room club will be in full swing.


Photo: Eat at The Living Room Facebook page. (Used with permission)


Owners Ron and Cynthia Peiris say they had been running the club for a few years when they decided to open a restaurant, combining the experience.


“It’s the next best thing,” said Peiris. “We still have The Living Room going on every Friday and Saturday.”


While this is their first restaurant, Peiris said he’s been in the food and hospitality industry as manager for 28 years.


Photo: Eat at The Living Room Facebook page. (Used with permission)


The menu will include appetizers like their Bavarian pretzel ($7), Spring Rolls ($7),  Captain Crunch chicken fingers ($8), and artichoke truffle dip with toasted flatbread ($8). They feature salads and burgers, wraps and kebabs for entrees. They also have a sushi menu on the website.


Peiris said his signature burger is the delicious Jucy Lucy, an Inside out burger stuffed with cheese and mushrooms inside.


“You cut it and it oozes out,” he said.


Location: 432 N. Wantagh Avenue, Bethpage, (516) 932-5550.