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Man Runs Over Ex-Girlfriend On Christmas Eve

In a fit of jealousy, a Hempstead man has run down his ex-girlfriend.

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Is it ever too late to make a Scrooge-related comment? Is post-Christmas too late? Either way, Hempstead’s Oscar Santos (33) might be vying for the crown of “Most Likely To Be Scrooge 2012” in that he has run over his 19-year old ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend was apparently walking with a 31-year old gentleman when Santos drove past them on Midland Street.

In a fit of jealous rage, Santos backed his car up and proceeded to chase after the couple for a moment before running them down on a nearby home’s front lawn. The ex-girlfriend is being treated for a broken right ankle, while her escort sustained injuries to his knees. Santos, after running the two over, then proceeded to get out of his car and rain blows upon the man, kicking him in the face and all over his body.

In true criminal mastermind fashion, Santos then parked the car along the street and proceeded to run off into the night. He was apprehended when he returned for the car later. Santos was charged with assault and was arraigned on Christmas day at the First District Court in Hempstead. It is unclear as of this writing whether or not Santos was represented by a lawyer. One imagines that he also received a year’s worth of coal this year which may not be a bad thing, as coal prices are soaring right now.