Unique Wedding Invitations!


Check out some quirky ideas for your wedding invitations!

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One of the first steps to planning a wedding is sending out your invitations. Many brides will go to a stationary goods store to find the one that is perfect for them and matches the theme for their wedding. But if you’re looking to be a creative bride you can create your own unique wedding invitation yourself! There are many ways that you can turn this part of your wedding into a fun do it yourself (DIY) project.

The fun part of planning a wedding is picking your theme and all the things that go with it. The invitation process is a part of that, giving you an enjoyable start to wedding planning. Many brides are looking beyond the cardstock to make sure their invitations will give them memories that will last forever. While some might think that invitations can’t be apart of the keepsake process, there are many ways you can make your invitations last forever.

Whether it is using some new type of paper or skipping out on it altogether, wedding invitations can be a quirky and fun project during the stress of wedding planning. This is an opportunity to let your guests know what type of wedding they will be attending and get a sense of you as a couple for the first time. Make sure you give them something to remember! Here are a few ideas for unique wedding invitations!

A Story: What better way to show your guests the story of your relationship then to actually give them one? A growing trend among couples is sending out a book of pictures stitched together as their invitation. Starting with when your first met, you can share a photographic story of your relationship all the way up till when you got engaged. This will be a sure favorite among your guests! You can also make a book of all the RSVP cards with notes from your guests for yourselves!

CD: This fun idea for an invitation will be sure to get your guests on their feet! Sending out a CD for an invitation is definitely something your guests won’t have seen before. You can get CD covers made with a picture of the couple along with all the details for the wedding day on the back. You can also personalize the CD and put a couple of our favorite songs on it so your guests can cherish the memory forever!

Wood: For a couple who loves nature or who is planning on having their wedding in the woods, you can actually make your invitation out of wood! There are several wood working websites and services where you can order your invitation from, a simple Google search will yield tons of results. Not only can you get words engraves on the wood but colorful images as well to make this an unforgettable but gorgeous invitation!