Make Your Bridal Bouquet Unique!

Want your bouquet to stand out? Check out some of these quirky ideas!

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When women think of a bridal bouquet they think of the mad dash to grab a bunch of free falling flowers that will ensure they are the next one to carry it down the aisle. But what you wouldn’t expect to fall into your hand is a bouquet of wires, buttons, and beads. While flowers have always been the most traditional route, many brides are looking for something a little more unique and quirky to stand out. Not only does this alternative route give you a little edge, it can also save you a ton of money on something that you can now keep forever.

Making your own bouquet requires quite a bit of craftsmanship, but if you put in the effort you can reap the rewards. Not only can you apply this do it yourself or “DIY” initiative to your own bouquet, but to bridesmaids bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Local craft stores are full of supplies to make your own silk or knit flower bouquet or wire and beading to go non- floral completely.  While the inexpensive side to a DIY bouquet is attractive, that’s not the reason many people are doing it.

An alternative bouquet option gives families the chance to have a wonderful and personal keepsake after the big day. While there will always be pictures of a bouquet at the end of the day you are throwing away an expensive and personal item. Instead of just a bunch of flowers, an alternative bouquet can be something that defines a bride or the couple as a whole. They can be bright and sparkly or simple and silk, the options are limitless. This also allows brides to further play up the theme of their wedding by adding things such as shells, pearls, and feathers to the bouquet. Here are a few options for your non-traditional bouquet:

 Knit/Silk Flowers:

 Real floral bouquets might be too expensive but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have flower. You can find all the supplies to make silk bouquets and knit flowers at your local craft store for a minimal price. Felt flowers are also another inexpensive option that is offered in tons of fun colors and shapes. After putting the whole thing together you’ll be left with something fun and unique and memories that will last a lifetime.


For those who still want a floral bouquet but with just an extra flair, feathers are the way to go. Sold at craft stores, feathers are an easy addition to an already beautiful display. They are offered in many colors from bejeweled whites to neon shades that pop. They can be added to a display of silk flowers or real flowers for that personal touch. If you really love the feather idea you can even have a simple bouquet of just feathers to match your theme.


A little metal in your bouquet can go a long way. A floral bouquet with wires can really be easy catching if used to bright colors. Cascading out of your bouquets weaved wire makes a simple DIY bouquet look professional and expensive. Bouquets made completely out of wires and beads are also becoming more popular. Depending on the type of wire you get this bouquet is fairly inexpensive and the supplies are sold at craft stores. This non-floral bouquet will be something that you can keep and cherish forever.


What most brides want in their bouquet is an element that will make it stand out. Having a bouquet with buttons and jewels adorning it will easily grant that wish. These little knick knacks can turn an ordinary bouquet is a crafty masterpiece. By picking out buttons, jewels, and gems that match your flower and theme and adding them throughout the bouquet you can give it that personal touch for a minimal price. If you really want to go the quirky route you can have a bouquet made completely of jewels and buttons. While buttons are less expensive way to go, having a jewel bouquet is something that your guests will always remember. If purchased through a retailer, button and jewel bouquets can cost anywhere from $100-$300 – but if you have a knack for crafts then you can create these bouquets yourself for a fraction of the price.


Beach weddings are extremely popular as we head into the summer- especially here on Long Island. Brides can take this theme and incorporate it into their bouquet by adding shells and other nautical items in their flower assembly.  Placing pearls in the center of flower or scattered along the shells also give a summer feel and will make the blossoms stand out. Having a bouquet completely comprised of shells and buttons is also growing trend. This intricate yet simple bouquet can be kept forever and is perfect for walking down the aisle in the sand.


The candy bouquet is probably one of the most fun and delicious bouquet ideas out there. Surprisingly simple and inexpensive, this bouquet is something all your guests will be sure to remember. Perfect for the quirky, fun, and sweet-loving bride, this bouquet is cost- effective and a great personal touch. You can get all the supplies at your supermarket and local craft store and use any of your favorite candies. Featuring anything from marshmallows to Reese’s Pieces you can be sure this bouquet will be delightfully delicious.