Planning Your Wedding Hairstyle

Unsure of how to do your hair on the big day? Check out some of these ideas!

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When it comes to getting ready for your wedding, one of the main things to focus on is how will you do your hair? There are tons of ways that you can give your hair a romantic and fun look, or whatever you would like to portray. The hair is the crown jewel to your whole wedding ensemble. Check out some of these ideas for some great wedding hair that will fit into all of your wedding fashion plans!

Braids: Adding a braid to your wedding hair gives off a sort of romantic and girly feel when paired with a sleek floor length gown. Think to pair braids or plaits to something delicate and lacey, it will really help balance out the elegant gown with some playful fun! When pairing braids with the perfect dress and some jeweled accents, you will just ooze romance!

Half Up Half Down: If you’re looking to have some fun with hair accessories, this is the hairstyle for you. Pinning half your hair up with clips and pins can lead to some beautiful and elegant hair creations. You can even match the pearls and jewels to the color theme of your wedding or to jewels that you might have also added to the flowers. This favorite hairstyle of little girls can become a grown up’s dream when preparing for the big day!

Pinned Curls: Curling your whole head of hair and then pinning it back is a cute a feminine way to style your hair. This looks great with any type of gown and will surely be memorable if you have naturally straight hair. You can add headbands or a tiara to the hair easily with this style for some extra flair. Using some high gloss hair spray you can even channel an older elegant style that is sure to be a hit!

French Twist: Many brides like to go with an updo on their big day, and it really makes sense with all the dancing and bustling about you will be doing. This hairstyle is classic formal and looks great with high detail dresses and ball gowns, as it does not take away from the beauty of the dress. A chignon or bun at the nape of the neck is another great updo. For a less severe look let a few tendrils loose at the front.

Down: Some brides don’t need all the fuss that comes with styling their hair in an extra fancy way. Simply leaving your hair down and natural is perfect for a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding. This hairstyle shows you’re looking for a stress free day and it helps make the dress stand out. Add a flower behind your ear for a girly and romantic touch!

Short Hair: Not all of us have long hair that is suitable for updos and such. For those of us with shorter hair there are still a number of ways to create a unique style. Finger curls are a class feminine way to class up shorter hair and it looks great with a light veil and hair accessories. You can also tease the whole head back for a chic and modern bride look.