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I was just searching on my favorite LI Search Engine ::::ahem:::: and I found these great things to do with my son! Check 'em out! By the way, I'm ...

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I was just searching on my favorite LI Search Engine ::::ahem:::: and I found these great things to do with my son! Check 'em out!

By the way, I'm putting this picture up of my son because I think he's just the cutest. It has nothing to do with the article.

Firefly's Storytime presents Storytime Magic. Includes buffet brunch. Ben's Deli, 140 Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale. $17.95 adults, $10.95 children, under 2 free. Reservations required. Schedule subject to change.
Name: Suzanne Haegele Phone Number: 516-750-9718

Zebby's Zoo Live! The Halloween Hoorah
The Vanderbilt, 1600 Round Swamp Rd., Plainview
Oct 22, 2000
10:30 am and 2:00 pm
Two shows at The Vanderbilt in Plainview on Sunday, October 22, 2000. Tickets are $12, available in person at The Vanderbilt Box Office and through Ticketmaster Outlets, Ticketmaster Charge by Phone (631/888-9000) and www.ticketmaster.com.
Phone Number: 516-694-6200

Hicks Nurseries, 100 Jericho Tpk, Westbury
Halloween Parade Oct 31, 2000 10 am
Children, wear your costumes and join the parade with Otto the Ghost. Snacks and a hayride.
Phone Number: 516-334-0066

Now that it's the end of September the crowds going East have calmed down. (this is when I go out east.. OFF season) Go apple picking at one of the farms! It's always a nice day (cheap day) and the kids love running around and picking apples. There are always hay rides! Click here

Wickhams Fruit Farm


Apple Picking


Luc's Hands

Sitting on the couch in my new familiar position of baby on lap and bottle in hand; my son has fallen asleep in my arms again. The practical side of me tells me to get up, put him in his bed, and not hold him too long. I've been told more than once since I've had him that I'm spoiling him and will soon regret it. Looking around the apartment I can't help but see everything there is for me to do. The laundry is piling up, I haven't eaten breakfast yet, and there are so many calls to return. His warm little body is keeping me warm and I think to myself, "the hell with it" and snuggle into the couch with my little baby.

I pull the bottle out his mouth and look at his perfectly relaxed face, his mouth is slightly open, and a little formula mixed with drool sits on his lower lip. I smile when I realize that he gripped my fingers with his hands while eating, as if to say that I shouldn't go too far with his bottle. Looking at his little fingernails that are in desperate need of trimming, I wonder, what will these hands do? Will they someday pen a world-renowned literary masterpiece? Will he find a cure for cancer? Will he play piano and dazzle millions with his talent? Maybe, but for now, I'll just let him hang on to me.

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