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Last Spring I was flipping through a little book, "What to do and where to go on Long Island" for some ideas on where we could take our 1-year old son.

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Last Spring I was flipping through a little book, "What to do and where to go on Long Island" for some ideas on where we could take our 1-year old son.

We are not originally from Long Island and none of my friends had kids so I was really on my own when it came down to finding family-type things to do. While flipping, I noticed the Long Island Game Farm & Wildlife Park. I thought; what the heck?
I wasn't expecting much, I figured there would be a couple rabbits, goats, and chickens wandering around. Being from upstate, we didn't call that type of thing a zoo, we called it livestock.

The farm is easy to find and when you first come into the entrance of the park you are greeted with leafy tall trees and a great little wooden walkway. It feels like you're going into a little forest. First stop: Bambi Land where you are encouraged to walk in and be with the deer: feed the deer, pet the deer, hug the deer (but wear your sneakers or you'll find little "pellets" in your sandals). Hehehehehe

After that we walked some more and saw the magnificent Gentle Gerry: the 18-Foot Giraffe! It was then that I realized this wasn't just a glorified farm charging admission.

The Long Island Game Farm is great for kids because it's a nice mixture of animals you can see (cougars, zebra, ostrich, monkeys, alligators); animals you can touch and feed (deer, baby goats, giraffe); along with a playground, carousel, spinning swings, pony rides (additional fee of 3 dollars) and lots of live shows.

What's missing? Lots of signs telling you "don't touch." The family that runs this zoo is a family that wants you to EXPERIENCE this place! There are plenty of picnic areas and wide-open lawns to stretch a blanket out on and have a picnic.

New Exhibit!

There is a new Lemur exhibit sponsored by Long Island Baby Stuff (we just love saying that).

Don't know what a Lemur is? Ask your kids who Zooboomafoo is.

July 1st marks their 30th anniversary

and they are celebrating in a BIG way! There will be a New Animal Trivia Game Show, Dr. Zoolittle, Face Painting, Free Prizes, Jugglers, Mimes, Gentle Gerry's Fifth Birthday Party and MORE!!!

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It's easy to find. It's Exit 70 off the LIE. Take a Right off the exit (south) and take the right after the McDonald's (Chapman Blvd). Continue straight and you'll see it on the left.

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