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Quickbooks Pro 2001-What's New, What's Useful

Reports Redefined(Great addition to this new version and very useful) Now you can get the list and detail reports you want, the way you want them. Just sort the information within any column with a ...

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Reports Redefined(Great addition to this new version and very useful)

Now you can get the list and detail reports you want, the way you want them. Just sort the information within any column with a click or even move columns by dragging and dropping.
To modify reports, simply click the Modify Report button and choose the options you want from a well-organized window.

Printing in Batch Mode (helpful new function, not best of the revisions)

Why print one report at a time when you can print everything you need instantly with our Batch Report Printing? Just organize your reports into groups that make sense to you, then select the reports you want to print and you're done.

Quick Zoom (Best revision in 2001 in my eyes)

QuickZoomTM is even quicker now that you can keep your place on reports. When you zoom from a specific line on a report, you'll be able to click back to your original view, rather than to the top of the report.
Older versions very annoying when reclassifiying, this feature is great.

Time and basis Stamps (Can be useful)

There's no room for confusion with the new Time & Basis Stamps, which show you when and how each report was created. Whether you view your reports onscreen or print them out, you'll always know which is the most recent, and you'll be clear on the reporting basis used, cash or accrual.

Navigation Bar (Nice feature that helps with moving around between various screens)

Now there are several ways you can navigate QuickBooks. We've brought back our original Icon bar and added an optional open windows list that helps you move easily between different tasks.

Spell Check (helpful for those in a rush_

You can now spell check invoices, purchase orders, e-mails, or credit memos from within QuickBooks. Go ahead, add client names and specialized terms to the QuickBooks dictionary. It's there to make your life easier. See this feature.

E-Mail and Fax Invoices
(not bad, most clients still want paper)

The faster your customers get their invoices, the faster you get paid. That's why the QuickBooks 2001 upgrade lets you e-mail and fax your invoices directly to your customers through the program--either one at a time, or all in one batch. (Fees apply for faxing invoices.)

Default Bank Account Settings (This is liked, well organized and helpful)

Pay your bills from the right account, every time. Just establish a default bank account for writing checks, whether you write them from the Pay Bills, Create Paychecks, or Write Checks screen.

Faster Bill Payment (ok)

Our streamlined interface allows you to move easily between the bill payment window and its related detail using the new Go to Bill button. You'll also be able to assign your own check numbers to paid bills and take advantage of a larger reference field.

Easier Company File Management (Very helpful espiecially if you have multiple sub directories)

Access up to the last 20 files you've used through the File Menu with one click of your mouse. No more searching for files. See this feature. And you can add a company name to the reconciliation reports to keep reports straight when you work with more
than one company.

Improved Payroll Services*
Faster and easier set-up. New payroll subscribers can download payroll updates free for 60 days, then continue to use the last payroll tax table received or subscribe to Basic Payroll to continue receiving updates and help ensure compliance.