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What Your Library Can Do For You: Back to School Library Resources

With the internet at our fingertips, we sometimes forget that your public library can do so much for you! Be sure to check out what you library can do for you or your kids when ...

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Part of what we pay in taxes goes to our public libraries. Many Long Islanders probably voted recently for their library budget. When you pay your taxes and vote for the library budget, you are guaranteeing various resources for the community.

With eBooks and other online resources, some may feel that libraries are almost obsolete. Luckily, libraries have advanced and are adapting to the new technology that have taken over our lives.

Now that school is starting this week all over the island, it is key to keep in mind that the library has a lot to offer for your kids. 

  • Library Programs: Recently, one of the best aspects of libraries are their programs that they offer for kids. They range from educational and art classes. The best part about most, if not all, of the programs are free! You can go to your local library, but your kids can sign-up for event at any library on the island. There are restrictions and priority is generally given to local residence. A plus is that there are adult programs available as well.
  • Taking Out Books: Libraries still do what they do best. They have all the recent best sellers and old classics that can be taken out. Kids may be picky about what books they want to read. Instead of purchasing a book or eBook your kid does not want to finish, your kid can be as picky as they want at the public library because no money is exchanged.
  • Taking Out eBooks: Libraries have advanced and you can now take out books through your eBook reader. Availability may vary by library. 
  • Taking Out Movies: Libraries have all the recent DVD and Blu-Ray available to be taken out. Additionally, some libraries make films available online and through your smartdevices.
  • Databases: When your kid is writing a research paper, they should not be Googling. They need to use databases. These are very useful and important to all students in school. Databases are websites filled with scholarly articles and reliable research information.
  • Reference Section: To piggyback the idea of databases, the reference section of the library contains similar information that can be found in databases. Although limited to what databases can offer, the reference section has physical books and journals. The best part of going into a library's reference section is what reference section's librarians who specialize in helping with the research process. 
  • Borrowing Electronics: Can't afford an eReader or tablet, some libraries have begun offering devices that be borrowed through the library. Some restrictions apply, check out your library for details.
  • Free Music: Libraries also have CDs available to borrow, but some libraries have subscriptions to services that allow weekly or monthly downloads of free music.

What is your favorite library amenity? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo Taken by josterix, via Free Images.