Batter Up! Hit a Home Run at these Batting Cages

There is no sport more American than baseball!

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Step up to the plate and into the Major Leagues.  Whether it’s overhand or underhand, most anyone can throw a ball. Batting, however, can be a challenge, and nobody’s better than a Long Islander for knocking that challenge out of the park. Take me out to the ball game! Or at least take me to a batting cage

Choose from slow to fast pitch, softball or baseball. Smack your troubles away, and watch the kids jump with delight when they make contact with the ball.  Batting cages are a great place for beginners to figure it all out, and for the more advanced to finesse their swinging skills.  Even the Mets, Yankees and Ducks spend time in a batting cage. 

Fortunately, there are both indoor and outdoor batting cages locally.  So the weather is not a factor in planning this fun activity.  Test your skill hitting baseballs or softballs. From slow to very fast pitches state-of-the-art batting cages are lighted and automated for individuals or teams.  Bats and helmets are also provided.

Practice makes perfect, so take the family out to the best batting cages in for hard-hitting action.


Let us know about your favorite batting cage in the comments below.