See the Light! August 7th is National Lighthouse Day!

Whenever you think of Long Island or search for images of Long Island, you will always find a lighthouse. August 7th is National Lighthouse Day, so do see one of Long Island's great lighthouses.

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Developed in the 1980s, National Lighthouse day was created to open the grounds of lighthouses to the public to celebrate them. This day honors lighthouses, also known as beacons, and all they have done for people at sea. Lighthouses as early as ones during the 1700s have saved many people's lives. 

There are over a dozen of lighthouses on Long Island that are still functioning and can be toured by visitors. Generally, you may not enter the actual lighthouse, but you can enjoy the grounds.

So, check out some of the great lighthouses on Long Island!

  • Montauk Point Lighthouse - Montauk
    One of the most popular lighthouses on Long Island, it was the first lighthouse built in New York and the fourth oldest in the country! Check out history with this lighthouse.
  • Cedar Point Lighthouse - East Hampton
    This lighthouse on the South Fork is located north on the fork in Cedar Point County Park.
  • Cold Spring Harbor Lighthouse - Cold Spring Harbor
    Passersby can enjoy views of the historic Cold Spring Harbor lighthouse, which is located on private property on Centre Island.  
  • Execution Rock Lighthouse - Port Washington
    This is a historic offshore lighthouse located in the northwestern region of the Long Island Sound between Sands Point and New Rochelle, about a mile from the coast.  Three hour tours originate from Port Washington Town Dock on main street in Port Washington.  
  • Fire Island Lighthouse - Captree Island
    This lightouse stands tall at an astounding 168 feet and was repainted from it's original red brick and creamy yellow to alternating black and white bands in 1891. It proudly guarded Long Island's southern shore since its construction in 1958 but was put out of commission in the early 1970s.
  • Horton Point Lighthouse - Southold
    Horton Point Lighthouse in Southold is open to the public on summer weekends.
  • Hunting Harbor Lighthouse - Huntington
    Located at the entrance to both Huntington and Lloyd Harbors the Huntington Lighthouse is a working beacon which is surrounded by water and accessible by guided tour boats only.
  • Latimer Reef Lighthouse - Fisher's Island
    The lighthouse is located off the northeast end of Fisher's Island.
  • Little Gull Island Lighthouse - East Plum Island
    Located on Gull Island just off the tip of the North Fork.
  • North Dumpling Lighthouse - North of Fisher's Island
    North Dumpling Lighthouse is located north of Fisher's Island off the coast of Long Island's North Fork.
  • Race Rock Lighthouse - Fisher's Island
    The lighthouse offers magnificent views of Victorian era architecture visible from the water's off Long Island's North Fork.

These are only a faction of the lighthouses on the island. Which lighthouse is your favorite to visit? Tell us in the comments below!