Where's the Karaoke?


I have recently discovered a disturbing fact about Karaoke here on Long Island. I don't know if it's just happening here or if the same thing is happening everywhere else as well. ...

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I have recently discovered a disturbing fact about Karaoke here on Long Island. I don't know if it's just happening here or if the same thing is happening everywhere else as well.

I have one Big question and that is:

Where has all the Karaoke Gone???

We tried to find a place to go singing last saturday night. That's a night you should think there would be NO problem to find a place to go to!
We called around to certain places that had had Karaoke, only to find, over and over again, that it was no longer something that they offered.

There had been a place we used to go to practically every saturday night. On some occaisions, we would pull into the parking lot, only to find about 3 or 4 cars.
We would know right away that Karaoke had been cancelled for the night. On the nights that they were 'on' for Karaoke, the parking lot would be Full and people would have to park out on the street as well.

I would think this would be a Huge
flashing sign in the establishment owners head:

"Karaoke brings in the crowds!"

The same goes for Any place that features a Karaoke night. If you drive by on the night they have Karaoke, you will see a Full parking lot! If you drive by there Any other night of the week, there will only be a small handful of cars to be seen...

If I owned an establishment that could offer Karaoke,
you'd better believe that I would be smart enough to not only have One Karaoke night, but several!!!

Recently I changed the format of Karaoke listings at my site.
It has been changed to feature separate pages of listings for each day of the week. While in the process of doing so, I found that I had No Places to list for Mondays and only a tiny amount for Saturdays! This was Not a good discovery!

If you have a favorite place that you and your friends go to and they Don't offer a Karaoke night, why not make the suggestion?

If you know of places that Do offer a Karaoke night on mondays or saturdays, or any other night for that matter, please e-mail me with the information and I will list them at the site!

We have to join together
and try to keep Karaoke Alive on Long Island!

This will probably be the last week that I will have the information listed here for the Karaoke Cruise. If you find you need the info after that, you can always look it up in my Archived articles. : )

There will be a

Karaoke Cruise


Tuesday, September 19, 2000

The cruise will be from 8 PM to 12 AM. Boarding
begins @ 7:30 PM at the Freeport Nautical Mile. Tickets are $50.00 per person, which includes a hot buffet/beer/wine/soda and there will be a cash bar for the 'harder' stuff.

Tickets can be purchased at
Carol's shows at Classics in Levittown Sun. nights, McQuades in Freeport on Thurs. nights or at Callahans in East Meadow on Friday nights. OR you can call Carol @ (516) 783-0454

OR Lori @ (516) 505-0873

Deadline for ticket purchase is September 1st, 2000

(While supplies last)

There will aslo be a 50/50 Raffle, free giveaways and will be featuring the accapella sounds of Moonlight Serenade!

Your cruise will be aboard The Nautical Princess.

How about getting your tickets so you can have a night of singing to the stars?? Sounds nice doesn't it?
See you there!

Keep it Fun, keep it Safe and I'll see you out there on the circuit! : )

If you have a question/comment or would like to add an event, you can contact me at:


For listings of places to sing Karaoke on Long Island, just click below, where it says "For More Information".

Until next time, Sing One For Me!!!