Scenes of Long Island - Parks, Nature & Wildlife

Nature and Wildlife Photography - Long Island, NY

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Long Island New York Landscapes

Photos by Holly Gordon, Nature and Wildlife Photography

About the Photographer: Holly Gordon is a local Long Island Photographer that specializes in Nature and Wildlife Photography. Holly says, "I paint with my camera. Inspired by nature, I love to seize it on film and leave it untouched by my presence." She travels to far away places to capture various species during peak seasons. She enjoys traveling, but also appreciates the comforts of home.

Holly's photography is featured at various museums, art galleries, science, historical and cultural centers on Long Island, New York as well as abroad. Holly's photography has been featured in magazines and she has received rave reviews from Shutterbug Magazine, Queens Time Ledger, Newsday, New York Daily News and NY Hall of Sciences, just to name a few.

Holly gave us special permission to share some of the beauty that is Long Island, seen through her eyes. She is an artist who not only stops to smell the roses, she captures the aroma for all to enjoy.

Holly Gordon's images are copyrighted 2004-present, all rights reserved. Prints are available for purchase on Holly's Web site at For more information she can be reached at 631-666-8841 or via email on her site.