Long Island Author to Launch Book About the Culture and Influence of Birth


Gail Janicola, birth expert, coach and author, will be releasing her new book, The Ultimate Birth Experience

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Gail Janicola, birth expert, coach and author, will be releasing her new book, The Ultimate Birth ExperienceHow to Take Control and Choose the Birthing Options That are Best for You and Your Baby, at The Book Revue, 313 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY,  on Wednesday, August 18th, 7:00pm. This event will be attended by industry professionals, including midwives from several Long Island practices and other pregnancy and birth practitioners, and the community at large, with a cap of 50 people.

Published by Ultimate World Publishing, and recently awarded the status of Amazon #1 Bestseller in several categories including Pregnancy & Childbirth, this book is currently available for purchase from the author and on Amazon.

About The Ultimate Birth Experience:

The Ultimate Birth Experience takes you on a journey, first and foremost, through the mindset surrounding the power of birth as it relates to the birth experience itself, and its influence on future life experiences.

We tend to create a divide in our birth culture: natural vs. medicated, vaginal vs. cesarean. We instigate “sides” and place all the emphasis on the outcome as opposed to the transformational process. Within each chapter the reader is inspired to consider their personal values, the well-researched, evidence-based information, and their ability to be experts in their own lives, in order to individualize and take the reins of their birth experience. They are encouraged to dispense with common assumptions in favor of seeking truthful knowledge so that they can make informed choices.

With an unbiased approach, The Ultimate Birth Experience acts as a thought-provoking guide, rather than an opinionated doctrine. It allows for absolute freedom in determining what is best for the individual.

Colleagues and former clients have been praising the distinct nature and qualities of this unique birth-themed book. From Sandy Pelland, CEO of MomLifeTV:

“The Ultimate Birth Experience is a profound declaration of empowerment for every pregnant mom-to-be. As a fierce advocate for choice, Gail defends your right to experience birth the way you choose. She breaks the myths and encourages you to trust your instincts. This book is a window into the world of birth, through the eyes of a seasoned birthing professional. With a smart, sincere and thoughtful approach to this profound, life-changing event, this a must-read book for every pregnant woman.”

About the author:

Gail Janicola has been a birth professional for 26 years, serving her Long Island community during that time, as well as birthing people across the country throughout the last 10 of those years. She is the founder of Moms On Top, a resource for unbiased, evidence-based education, coaching, and support, serving moms and their partners throughout the parenting life cycle, from “pre-nest to empty nest”. In addition, Gail is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and the Doula trainer for Long Island Doula Association.

Gail has been cited in several media sources such as Aaptiv, Baby Gaga, and Mommee Friends, and interviewed for various birth, health, and lifestyle platforms, including The Fearless Family Health podcast and MomLife TV. She currently teaches, coaches and speaks nationwide.