When Animals Are in Trouble, Who Can You Call? Tips from the Nassau County SPCA


Do you know who to call if you see an animal in danger?

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LI's Adorable Adoptables is a weekly column by Allison Matos, a lifelong Long Island resident who has been advocating animal adoption since 2012. Allison's weekly posts highlight local animals in need of adoption, and cover general animal welfare topics as well. In this week's post, Allison will be focusing on how to help animals that may be in danger.
One of the more frequently questions I’m asked is “who can I call to help an animal in danger”?  This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Sowers of the Nassau County SPCA who provided some great tips on how to properly assist animals in need.
I can count on my hands and feet and back again how many times I’ve seen animals too close to traffic, wandering the streets, stuck in a ditch, injured or helpless.  For many of us, instincts take over and we might stop to try and help the animal, but certain situations pose dangers to both the animal and the humans involved.

Here are the proper steps that should be taken to avoid making a dangerous situation worse:
1.  Start by calling your local municipal animal shelter. During work hours, shelters often have animal control specialists on hand that are trained to deal with animal rescue. 
2. If the shelter is closed or you are unable to get assistance, call the NCSPCA - they will assess the problem and refer you to the best possible solution.
3. In the event of a true life threatening emergency, call 911. It is highly advised that steps 1 and 2 be taken first, if possible.
Other Helpful Tips:
  • Remember that stray animals are not always approachable. Take caution and call for help when needed.
  • If you see an injured animal on or near a road, call it in. The animal may be suffering and action must be taken
  • If you see an animal in a car on a hot day and the animal is showing signs of distress, exhaust all efforts to find the owner, if you are unsuccessful, contact the police immediately.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert Sowers and all of the many wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and provide care for animals that have been displaced or harmed. With the help of these volunteers, law enforcement agents, rescue workers, and veterinarians, the NCSPCA is able to treat and find permanent homes for animals who have been abandoned, abused or neglected. 
There are so many ways to help the NCSPCA help animals in need. If you can’t volunteer, why not donate? If you can’t donate, help spread the work about animal abuse prevention. To find out more about how you can help the NCSPCA help animals, you can check out their website.     
About the Nassau County SPCA
Located in Nassau County, New York, The Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization originally designed to protect animals in the county from abuse and neglect, and to provide basic welfare. The NCSPCA holds special authority to enforce NYS Agriculture & Markets Law, and all other state and local humane laws. NCSPCA is the only animal protection agency officially designated to operate within the county's borders.
The NCSPCA is a volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, care and placement of needy animals. The Society is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and its operations have been historically funded through contributions solicited from the public and through corporate grants. The NCSPCA receives no public funding, is in no way affiliated with, a subdivision of or funded by any other local, state or national organization.
Thank you for reading and please remember to always adopt - never shop!