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Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and the entire "Team Murray" slate of Republicantown officials who are on the ballot this fall are kicking off a campaigncentered around freezing all town taxes and helping the people ...

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HEMPSTEAD, NY - Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and the entire "Team Murray" slate of Republicantown officials who are on the ballot this fall are kicking off a campaign centered around freezing all town taxes and helping the people who call America'slargest township home. Team Murray consists of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, Councilwoman Angie Cullin,Councilman James Darcy, Councilman Ed Ambrosino, Town Clerk Mark Bonilla and Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin.

"I am pleased to be working with my colleagues on 'TeamMurray' to freeze all town taxes in 2012 while maintaining a full array of town services," stated Murray."Our forthright and accountable budgeting practices have earned our township the highest Wall Street credit ratings available and multiple top awards from the Independent Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)."

Top Credit Ratings & Sound Fiscal Policies Save Taxpayers $
Earning top-notch Wall Street credit ratings and employingsound fiscal policies are important; however, the benefits of these prioritiesto taxpayers are what residents really care about. As a result of superior credit ratings, Hempstead Town officials have reduced its debt service by $2.4 million in its 2011 budget. Further evidenceof fiscal restraint lies in the fact that Hempstead Townhas reduced its work force size by 6% over the last decade.

Hempstead Town is living within its means, holding the line on taxes in its 2012 budget, because residents deserve fiscal responsibility from their government leaders," stated Darcy.

Value for Your Tax Dollar
The Town of Hempstead provides the lion's share of local services, yet the town only accountsfor approximately nine cents (9 ¢)of each tax dollar (less than one cent [1 ¢] of every tax dollar forvillage residents).

"When you consider all of the services Hempstead Townprovides, we are the best value for your tax dollar," said Cullin.

Building the Economy, Creating Jobs
Other governments have slashed major projects as a result of budgetary strife. Kate Murray and the "Murray Team" have put forth animpressive $50 million "Improve Hempstead" capital upgrade program that is improving roadways, repairing marine bulkheads and upgrading otherinfrastructure while creating jobs and investing in our region's economy. Atthe same time, Hempstead's rock-solid finances have attracted major financial investment from private sector developers. One major development project alone features a $100 million direct investment and the creation of over 600 permanent jobs as the result of a 330,000 square foot construction project in the heart of our county.

"The officials in our town recognize the importance of funding projects that will improve communities and create jobs," commented Ambrosino. "Our rock solid fiscal condition is attracting private development, helping our region's economic recovery."

Helping People, Providing Needed Services
"Team Murray"is providing life-enhancing services that help neighbors throughout ourtownship. Building affordable homes, revitalizing local downtowns and rebuilding local parks are creating a quality-of-life experience that is the envy of other municipalities. A career services center that has placed 15,000 workers in one year, combined with the procurement of over $4 million in federal grant monies for clean energy projects, is helping workers and expanding high tech/clean energy employment opportunities. Providing seniors with social, recreation, entertainment and nutrition services is helping mature residents who want to remain in the communities in which they've raised families. The imminent construction of the ANCHOR Program building for children with special needs is at the very heart of Hempstead Town's priorities. Expanded recycling initiatives, the build-out of Long Island's first alternate energy park and the completion of a fueling station for hydrogen vehicles ensures that we will leave a prosperous environmental legacy for our children. Protecting the quality of life enjoyed by residents is high on the priority list for "Team Murray." Passing what has been called the toughest cell tower law, which has stemmed the push of wireless communications giants to site unneeded cell towers in local residential neighborhoods, is just one of many initiatives that is protecting our town's suburban character. Replacing community blight such as West Hempstead's Courtesy Hotel with vibrantand innovative development is part of Hempstead's renaissance. More community enhancement initiatives are on the "Team Murray"agenda.

Team Murray- Freezing Taxes, Helping People
"I am proud to be part of a team that is holding the line on taxes in 2012, while offering a full complement of life-enhancing services for residents and protecting our quality of life," concluded Murray. "On Tuesday, November 8th, please support the Murray Team...we're freezing taxes and helping people."

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