Preparing For Your Out of Town Wedding Guests!

Check out these ideas to make sure your out of town guests feel more than welcome at your wedding!

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With any wedding, there are bound to be guests who have to travel from far and wide to make it to your big day. It is your job, as the bride, groom, or friend helping plan the wedding, to make sure that these guests will be accommodated when they arrive in town for the event. Make sure to include them in things such as the rehearsal dinner to show how much their attendance means to you.  Whether it be booking hotel rooms or just making sure they are comfortable in town, it is very important to show your appreciation towards your guests for coming from so far to share in celebrating the best day of your life.

The first thing you should do when expecting out of towners is making sure they have a place to stay. If you’re hosting your reception or ceremony at a hotel then it would be a good idea to see what options they have for booking a block of rooms. Hotels generally offer discounts if you book multiple rooms and a talk with the events coordinators there will inform you whether they have any packages that go with hosting a wedding there. Don’t discount any Bed and Breakfasts in the area as well. These quaint housing options will be sure to charm your guests and give them a little getaway of their own.

The other important thing to do for your out of town guests is to give them a little welcoming gift when they get in. These gift bags go a long way in showing your guests how happy you are that they could make it to the wedding and that you appreciate them traveling. These gifts can be completely DIY or something you buy. The point is to make sure your guests know that you care very much for their comfort and their efforts in going out of the way. Check out some of these ideas to create your own gifts for out of town guests!

Destination Gift Bag: This type of gift bag is for those who are hosting their wedding in their hometown or somewhere your guests have never been before. The idea is to put together a basket or gift bag filled with things from the town of the wedding. You can include a local travel guide so your guests can get acquainted with the town and do some sight seeing. You can also include a local delicacy or food that is popular in town. A list of events that are going to take place for the wedding as well as times and places is also helpful so they can work their schedule around your wedding.  This is a great gift that your guests will love, especially if your wedding is somewhere with tons to see!

Wine: Everyone loves a good bottle of wine, especially when celebrating a romantic occasion! For this basket, include a couple bottles of regional wine or your guest’s favorite wine, if you know what it is. This will give your guests all they need for a relaxing night either before or after the wedding. You can also throw in some cheese and crackers to complete a wonderful night in. As a semi-serious joke you can also include a small bottle of Advil, no one wants to be hung-over at a wedding!

Spa: This type of gift bag is for those who are want to look their extra best on the wedding day! To put together this kind of gift, simply fill a bag with everything needed for a spa day. You can find single use facemasks, bath salts, pedicure and manicure kits, and anything else you can think of at your local drug store. This can also include a gift card to the local coffee house so your guests can get out for a little to get the juices flowing.  Add in a cozy bag of slippers to create the perfect spa experience!