Cinco de Mayo on Long Island: Celebrate Mexican Culture at These Local Events!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by attending one of the following celebrations!

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Photo by jcam via FreeImages

Photo by: jcam

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! Many people enjoy celebrating the holiday that falls on May 5th every year, but they don’t all know the history behind it. The holiday is commonly known as the day of independence for Mexico, when the Battle of Puebla is honored. Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that is celebrated differently all over the world.
This Mexican-American tradition was created to celebrate the Mexican culture and is commemorated all over the United States in a bunch of different ways. Even those who are not of Mexican heritage take part in celebrating the holiday! 
Take a look here at some of the places on Long Island where you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your family:
Listed below are additional Mexican Restaurants where you can enjoy a Cinco de Mayo celebration:
Interested in celebrating at home? Here are some fun ways to enjoy Cinco de Mayo from the comfort of your own home:
  • Make your own custom maracas and have a Cinco de Mayo dance party!
  • Make a taco or quesadilla dinner along with some delicious Mexican side dishes.
  • Make your own Sombrero Hat.
  • Prepare some homemade guacamole or corn salsa for dessert.
How will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Share with us by commenting below!
Photo by jcam via FreeImages