Dollar Store Deals: Stock Up on Spring Necessities

Whether you are looking to fill up your Easter baskets or to start your garden, you can do both on the cheap with these great dollar store finds!

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Spring cleaning and starting up you garden doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, you can get most of your materials at your local dollar store, such as Dollar Tree or Family Dollar.  With Easter around the corner, skip the more expensive stores and get all of your Easter basket needs for only a dollar each.  Beyond the dollar store deals, you can even check out your dollar store’s website for additional coupons and savings. Here are just some of the great items you can pick up for a buck at your local dollar store to get ready for spring:

Easter Baskets
Buy some new baskets at your local dollar store in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, all for just a buck.  They stock plenty of small toys, like bracelets, puzzles, yoyos, cuddly stuffed bunnies, and more to fill up your child’s basket.  You can also pick up Easter grass, dozens of plastic eggs for your egg hunts, and a whole assortment of candy to load up in your Easter basket. Shop now to get the pick of the chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and jellybeans! Check out these themed Easter baskets for some great ideas on how to put together gifts for your little ones.

Gardening and Planting
Dollar stores are perfect spots for finding all of your gardening needs for cheap.  There, you can pick up trowels, buckets, knee rests, rakes, and both small and large pots.  Many dollar stores are also selling plant seeds and bulbs for less than a dollar, so you can get a head start on your indoor seedlings.  You can also find cute decorations for your garden or yard, such as pinwheels, decorative stones, sculptures, solar lights, and more.

Spring Cleaning
For your spring cleaning, cleaning supplies do not have to be expensive to be effective.  Grab all you need, from soaps to buckets, at your local dollar store.  Are you left wondering when you last swapped out your mop or sponges?  Instead of being unsure and using dirty mops and sponges in an effort to make your house germ-free and spotless, buy new cleaning supplies for less than the cost of one new mop.  Many dollar stores also carry popular name brands, such as Dawn, Lysol, Brawny, Gain, and Febreze.

Sports Supplies
Get in the game and get some outdoor toys for the kids!  Many dollar stores stock Frisbees, bouncy balls, foam footballs, and more.