2013 Black Friday Survival Guide: Getting the Deals and Getting Out Alive


Black Friday is almost here. Are you prepared to beat the crowd? Check out our guide to surviving Black Friday.

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With the pressure of the holiday season rapidly approaching, Black Friday is a shopper’s haven for all the deals on holidays goods.
Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving, landing on the 29th of November this year. Developed during the 1960s, it is marked as the day to start holiday shopping. The day’s name comes from old accounting records that used to show a loss in red and profit in black. So, this is a day for stores to make a nice profit.
Many stores will be having deals and door-busters for Black Friday, reducing prices of merchandise for that one day only. Stores know people want to deals and, this year, many are opening on Thanksgiving night.
But, there is a way to properly, effectively, and safely get your Black Friday deals next week. So, here is our guide to surviving Black Friday!
  • Plan Ahead: To get deals for Black Friday, you need to research. Flyers and visiting store websites will help you plan where the deals are. Not all stores are having Black Friday deals, so be aware and plan ahead.
  • Park Far Away from the Store: This seems silly, but you might prevent your car from getting damaged in a busy parking lot. It will be worth the extra walk to the car.
  • Know Your Credit Limit/How Much You Can Afford: People can lose out of great deals when a credit card or debit card is declined. Remember, you might have overdrawn fee on your debit cards. If you plan on purchasing a large amount, you might want to call your credit card company ahead of time so they do not flag your account and you might be unable to buy anything in stores.
  • Watch Your Wallet/Purse: Sadly, people have hit hard times and might take advantage of crowded stores. Place your wallets in your front pant pocket or have a zippered purse that is crossbody; this will keep both your hands free to grab all the deals.
  • Leave the Attitude at Home: Everyone has the same goal: get a deal, but getting angry or impatient will not make the experience any better. Take deep breaths and reevaluate whether getting angry will help you get a deal. 
  • Just Let It Go: Many customers might be stressed by crowded stores or waiting on line. Although you may really want that item, it might be worth it to just let it go instead of having an incident with another customer. Be the bigger person.
  • Waiting on Line? Be Prepared: If you choose to wait online, be sure to dress warm and bring a folding chair. Have plenty of food and water, but bring a buddy so someone can hold your stop while you use a restroom. 
  • Leave Small Children at Home: Children are the most precious gifts in the world and the stores will be crowded. So, small children can get lost easily. Plan for a babysitter or family member to watch your children.
  • Be Kind to the Sales Associates: Associates might be overwhelmed with crowds in the store, so show some consideration and patience while your order is processed. Rushing could mean a mistake on your purchase and a headache later for you.
  • Check Your Receipt: Before leaving the store or even the register, check your receipt to make sure all your items came up for the price advertised. This drop check can save you from the headache of returning to the store to wait online for a refund.
  • Consider Not Going Out: Many stores have the option to pick up items in store that you reserve online. So, check out the website and reserve your deals so you only have to pick up your items...or just buy online and have your items shipped to your house.
  • Remember to Shop Small: Small Businesses will be having their day on the 30th. So save some shopping for Saturday.

Are you the type to go wait online at midnight? Do you have tips to survive the mad rush for deals? Tell us in the comments below!