Look Up at the Sky Day is April 14th - Here's What to Watch Out For!


April 14th is Look Up at the Sky Day. It is very special this year because two phenomenons are taking place this April, the Blood Moon and the Lyrid Meteor Shower. So, go outside and ...

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With this fast paced world, we can forget to stop and enjoy the world around us or, even, the sky above us. Look Up at the Stars Days is a day where people should take a look at the beautiful blue sky and clouds, but also the night sky as well. 

The Blood Moon, when there is a lunar eclipse makes the moon a copper color, is taking place on April 15th. Also, the Lyrid Meteor Shower is taking place between April 16th and 25th. So, you can enjoy looking at the night sky not only o the 14th, but almost all month long!

But, where can you enjoy looking at the night sky? There are few locations on Long Island that you can gaze at the stars.

Additionally, if the weather is not great on those nights or you want to enjoy learning about the night sky, you can go to the many planetariums on the island. These planetariums offer many different programs, events, telescope viewings, and shows. Be sure to check one out:

  • Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium in Centerport
    This planetarium is newly renovated and offers many different shows all week long.
  • Cradle of Aviation in Garden City
    Part of Long Island's Museum Row, the Cradle of Aviation explores the history of flight and space travel in addition to their planetarium.
  • Custer Observatory in Southold
    Opened Saturday nights to the public from dark to midnight, Custer Observatory is the oldest planetarium on Long Island and is run by a staff of dedicated volunteers.

So, will you look up at the star? Where do you like to watch a meteor shower? Do you have a favorite constellation? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: rarvesen / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)