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by Nick Christophers Around the globe losing weight and looking fit has become a goal for many. Yet with all the gimmicks and " lose weight fast" programs the public has been confused on which ...

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by Nick Christophers

Around the globe losing weight and looking fit has become a goal for many. Yet with all the gimmicks and " lose weight fast" programs the public has been confused on which to trust. One technique has not only proven to be successful but has even drawn the stars to its doors. It is located in the quaint town of Westbury that is a hub for every aspect of business. The clinic was established three years ago and is operated by two doctors.

One of the doctors Dr. Giannakopoulos is a specialist in bariatric medicine. Raised in Long Island by his Greek father and Italian mother he grew up with the philosophy that education is the cornerstone to success. After graduating from SUNY Old Westbury he followed up with his residency at Maimonides Hospital in Manhattan. He is still one of the medical attendees at the hospital. Since he started at the clinic he became double board certified in Bariatric medicine and Internal medicine. Bariatric medicine is devoted to obesity and the medical ramifications that go along with it. " Obesity has many medical issues that can run from high blood pressure to liver problems. We focus on these issues along with losing weight."

In every home we are bombarded with ads that harp on their quick formulas that can promise miracles. But according to Dr. Giannakopoulos they fall short when it comes to the medical fears involved. At the Weight Loss clinic they focus on the long-term effects and how to manage them. At the clinic Dr. Giannakopoulos runs a medical evaluation to surmise what is best for the client. " What we noticed is that the calorie intake is the culprit when it comes to gaining unwanted weight. We try to increase the protein than the calories for example." Basically, the foundation for the clinic would be called physician supervised weight loss.

The program has had many success stories. One such story that the Doctor shared with us is about a nineteen year old boy who weighed in at close to 400 pounds managed to lose 225 pounds in one year. These and many other achievements have reached the ears of celebrities who have also graced the Doctors office.

One such celebrity is Michael Sullivan who plays Tony (Paulie Walnuts) Sirico's bodyguard in the HBO blockbuster The Sopranos. Michael ambled into the Long Island Weight Loss Institute and proclaimed to Dr. Giannakopoulos that he wanted to be his poster boy. At the time Michael weighed in at 442 lbs but before you knew it he went down to 220 in a month. Dr. Giannakopoulos then went on to service Michael's father Russ Sullivan who dropped 95 pounds. The success of the Institute is due to its regimen and most of all to the will of its clients.

" The clients that come to us are a devoted group who are serious about their conditions, just as we are serious and devoted to our game plan. We are just as determined as they are for success." The regimen not only consists of eating right but some kind of exercise is necessary. " You can not have one without the other. We use the BMI component which is body-mass-index which is your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared."

The method the doctor uses helps in coming up with the perfect program for each client. Judging from his successes a new wave of battling weight problems and obesity is on the horizon.