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Another reason why Alcohol and Sex don't mix

Well, it's me Nite Time Nikkie back for another installment of "Why me?!" So St. Patricks Day was full and Fabulous, and I'm not meaning that with an innuendo in ANY sort of way (but ...

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Well, it's me Nite Time Nikkie back for another installment of "Why me?!"

So St. Patricks Day was full and Fabulous, and I'm not meaning that with an innuendo in ANY sort of way (but you know I'm lying) but unfortunately, for some, there were complications.

I recieved a phone call from a friend named "Jezebel" who called me Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock (waking me from an enjoyable sleep I might add) to inform me she had no idea who the man was sleeping next to her when she awoke that morning.

My first reaction (quietly) is - ok, been there done that (literally). So I proceed to ask her what she did last night. She told me that she was at a bar, of which she could not remember the name, with friends of ours - lets call them "Donnie" and "Marie" - and she had anything to drink, and EVERYTHING to drink. "Jezebel" had shots, mixed drinks, and beers (and if I could only describe to you the horror in knowing she got as drunk as I did and paid less than I did!)

So I tell her to relax. To think back about guys she met and how she got home. Slowly she began to remember leaving with a 'Gentleman' whom had purchased most of her drinks and being extremely 'friendly' with him. After about an hour of calming her down and jogging her memory we pieced together that she:

A) Drank way to much - more than she should could handle (But, it was St. Patricks Day - everyone drank more than they should)

B) Was at least 'safe' in what she did that night

C) Realized that she did get his name and number (which he left on a pad of paper by her phone - I assume for maybe a date or to let him know of possible 'problems' that come up


D) That she would never go to a bar and get that drunk ever again! (Or at least, not without me)

See, humans are fallible. We make mistakes, but drinking and and humans is definitely not a good mix. Especially if a woman drinks to much. And though I know (or would hope) that most men are gentlemen and would not take advantage of a woman in that 'state' there are some that do.

But the fault does not lay completely with the man.

Women are just as guilty. Because if you honestly think a man is going to buy you drinks all night out of the 'Kindness of his heart' wake up! Now some women know what they want when they're drunk, like a man to take home and/or take advantage of as well. When we are inerbriated our inhibitions are lowered and we do things we wouldn't normally do.

But we all must remember that we're living in a day and age in which we need to be careful.

But then again - Who am I to preach? Afterall, I'm the one driving the bus straight to hell! ; )