This Week's Featured Long Island Photographer: Alex Palumbo

This week we meet Alex Palumbo, a Long Island creator whose telling stories through his photos and videos.

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Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto

Long Island is filled with creative minds producing amazing content. This week, we're spotlighting local Long Islander Alex Palumbo, whose telling stories through his photos and videos. 

The 28 year old Amityville local is an alumni of Saint Anthony's High School as well as Coastal Carolina. "I graduated in Economics, but you could say I've switched paths a little bit." Palumbo tells me jokingly. 

Though he may not be analyzing money, what he is doing is capturing moments in time around both Long Island and the world. His photos and videos are a look into the moments that some people often overlook and take for granted. 

"For me, what's important is to shine a light on the places people consider mundane. There's beaches that people drive right past on Long Island that I've been able to capture some wonderful shots." 

His work has garnered him creative work with conglomerate companies like Spotify to local businesses like a wheelchair ramp producer. "I love a challenge when I'm creating. Storytelling is so important to me, whether its for one of the world's biggest music companies or a local business that helps people live better. It's all relavant." 

Palumbo's video work has been particularly inspiring to him recently. "There's something about pairing audio with visuals. Did you know that your ear registers sound before your eye registers sight? That's powerful stuff. My video work has allowed me to take the idea of captruing a moment through photography and expand it even further." 

Attributing his Mother's photography to helping train his creative eye, his Father's work ethic for showing him how to turn his passion into income and a stint traveling through California, Palumbo has a vision for his future. He hopes to produce content for National Geographic while building his client list around the globe to allow freedom in travel. 

"Do what you love. I never went to film school, but here I am. I can't wait to see what''s next!"

To view more of Alex Palumbo's work, check out his Instagram and website.