Celebrate National Craft Month: Get Crafty This March


March is National Craft Month and the Craft & Hobby Association is promoting your creativity this month. So check out some crafting events or buy some handmade crafts of your own.

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The Craft & Hobby Association is an international not-for-profit organization who promotes the creation and sale of crafts. They have made March National Craft Month to promote the creation of crafts by stores or stores providing events for craft making.

Crafts can vary. Crafts can be function, like a coat rack or for decoration by a soda can plane. You can use new materials or you can make something old into something new. This is called upcycling, a new recycling craze were one takes something useless and makes it something useful.

In any way you enjoy crafts, either by making or buying, to sure to take part in any crafting event going on this March. Check out the different events below!

Crafting Events

Craft Fairs

If you're interested in doing some fun crafts at home, check out our spring projects suitable for adults and children.

How will you celebrate National Craft Month? Are you crafty?
Tell us in the comments below!